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Form 2290 Pre-filing is online at Tax2290.com! Pre-file now and get your schedule 1 as soon as the tax season begins!

The tax season is a month away, and all the trucking taxpayers are already filing their taxes online ahead of the tax season. Yes, you read it right! You can prepare your form 2290 truck taxes and pre-file them before the tax season. This is possible; we at Tax2290.com made form 2290 pre-filing possible and accessible to all truckers and truck taxpayers to help them prepare and report their form 2290 truck taxes way ahead of time. You can pre-file now and pay your truck taxes at the beginning of the tax season when the IRS officially accepts form 2290 for the tax period. You can easily pay using all the IRS-approved tax payments and complete your form 2290 process. IRS will send the official schedule 1 copy directly to your registered email once they process your truck tax returns.

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California Air Resources Board (CARB) Regulations & Form 2290 March deadline

At www.TaxExcise.com we know that truckers are the mainstay of America, they transport almost all basic necessities such as food, clothes to medicine and electronics. If you’ve got it, then a trucker brought it!

Trucking is a major source of employment with over 8 million people working in trucking related jobs to over 3.5 million truck drivers, the total revenue brought in keeps increasing at a phenomenal rate with over 800 billion a year. As this figure keeps increasing it also does bring about new rules and limitations on certain regulations.

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Treat Sleep Apnea before time slips out of your hand!

Trucking is one such industry does not have any age bar. Adults to senior citizens possess the right to serve America by delivering goods and services across the country. Though it involves lot of courage and dedication to be a part of the industry, every year there are new Truckers joining in the league. We do know that there is no timings, food supply or regular sleep patterns followed because the work demands varies each and every day. By following such a routine of lifestyle, there are high chances for developing various disorders which will ruin your support system.

Among the disorders, Sleep Apnea is one such sleep disorder that causes brief but frequent breathing interruptions while sleeping. The pauses can last for 10 seconds or more and is lightly to occur for than 400 times in a night. Almost one third of Commercial Truck Drivers i.e. around 28% are suffering from sleep apnea. Continue reading