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FAQs For A Gear Up Tax Season 2015-16- Part II

Last week, we had posted one list of the most frequently asked questions under the form 2290. Today, we are going to provide you with another doze of FAQs so that you get all geared up for the tax season 2015-16. Do remember, you will have to renew your vehicle registration irrespective of when you have filed your tax return for the first time used vehicles.

Whether you’ve been scratching your head over the same HVUT questions, or you’re just looking to learn some random facts to freshen your Trivia Game prowess, then this blog is for you! So let’s get started.  Continue reading

How Essential An IRS Stamped Form 2290 IS..!

Most of the drivers get nervous when they see the flashing lights of a police car on their rear view mirror. Of course, who would like to get pulled over when we are rushing towards our destiny? You like it or not it’s mandatory to show the officer that you are cooperating. The next second those lights come on, make sure that you are being observed and the way you react will decide whether you are going to end up in a problem or not. Continue reading