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Famous Hollywood Personalities Who Were Truck Drivers

If you are a trucker, you would be pleased to know about few well-known personalities who have tried their hands on the same field as yours. Hunting down the list might help you come across a few celebrities you have enjoyed on the screen. Therefore, if you thought, that driving down the highway is only a part of your game, then you should read this blog to know about the famous trucking personalities.

It is surely a feel-good factor to learn about few famous personalities who have began their career with something similar as yours. Additionally, it inspires you to work hard and drive down the road with confidence and style. Read on to learn about the famous figures who have began their career with trucking.

thomas-sean-connerySean Connery: Yes, the famous actor who has acted in around seven James Bond films has worked as a lorry driver before starting his career as an actor. Additionally, it is interesting to know that it was his knowledge of driving a rig that helped him get his first job in acting.

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