Tax Credit for Form 2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax payers

If you are paying the Heavy Use Tax (IRS Form 2290) and plan to sell your truck during the tax period, you can apply for a credit – meaning you’ll get a pro-rated portion of the tax back.

Sold Truck Credit:

In previous years, you had to pay the $550 tax and if you sold your truck during the tax period, you did not get anything back. You could provide the form to the person you sold the truck to so that they didn’t have to pay the tax in addition to what you already paid. But once you paid the tax, your money was gone.

Now if you sell your truck, you can apply for a credit on the money you paid out. This also applies to trucks that were destroyed in a wreck or that were stolen. This policy is in effect for the tax period of July 1, 2006. It does not apply to trucks sold, destroyed or stolen prior to July 1, 2006.

You cannot apply for a credit until after June 30, on trucks sold during the current tax period. The IRS is certainly not going to remind you about it, so, if you are due a refund, don’t forget to file. You will need IRS Form 8849 (IRS Form8849) and 8849 Schedule 6 (IRS Form 8849 Schedule 6) to claim a credit.

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Owe Back from IRS

When a tax is pay excess by mistake you have the option of filing a claim back from IRS. If a vehicle not crossed expected mileage (5000miles or 7500 miles)  or under mileage then claim a refund using Form 8849 Schedule 6.

Reporting Form 2290:

Other points to remember about the 2290 Heavy Use Tax, the 2290 tax is due the next month after the truck is put in service. For trucks on the road in July 2010, the tax is due by August 31, 2010. For trucks that aren’t put into service until sometime in the month of August, 2010, the tax is due by Sept 30, 2010. And So forth. Also, the tax is pro-rated for trucks that are not in service for the full tax period. The details on the pro-rated tax are in the 2290 instructions. The tax must be paid in full and on time or you will be assessed penalties and interest.