The Stamped Schedule 1: How To Retrieve It?

With the year-end approaching in jet speed, we’re about to enter the season for registration renewals. One of the documents that you’ll need is the STAMPED SCHEDULE 1 COPY. Do you know where is yours?

Schedule 1 copy stands as the golden ticket for maintaining your authority. Your entire livelihood rests on a single, fragile, highly flammable & oh-so-easy to lose piece of paper–no pressure, right?!

Not if you use Whether you misplaced your precious piece of paper or have no idea what or it is in the first place, I’m about the break it down for you.

What Is the Stamped Schedule 1?

The stamped Schedule 1 serves as proof that you filed and paid your annual heavy vehicle use tax for that year. The watermark, a faint symbol in the middle of the page, indicates that the return was submitted to & accepted by the IRS. If that watermark is missing, the Schedule 1 is not valid.

Why Do I Need It?

It is always a good idea to have your current schedule 1 handy. May be a copy of it in your glove box? There are chances to been asked for your schedule 1 copy. For instance, Canadian truckers crossing the border into the USA are required to present their current stamped schedule 1 copy before they’re allowed to enter.

The Schedule 1 is also required for obtaining tags & registrations. When renewing your yearly IFTA license, IRP registration, etc, the current year’s stamped Schedule 1 is one of the supporting documents required for renewal.

Where Can I Find It?

Luckily, makes it easy to receive your Stamped Schedule 1, anytime and anywhere. When you file with us, the first thing we do is, email you the copy as soon as the IRS accepts your return, which is typically within a few minutes. You can even receive it on weekends or holidays if you E-file with us and choose to pay your HVUT by check or money order!

We also offer additional options for receiving your stamped Schedule 1. When E filing, you can choose to receive your 2290 with the Schedule 1 via fax copy and a text alert, indicating about the approval of your return. This is to keep you updated about your filed return. And we’ll fax it to anyone of your choosing- automatically- even to your carrier to save you the trouble of doing it!

Retrieve Your Stamped Schedule 1- Anytime

However, there are scenarios when you have accidently deleted all your emails and you need a hard copy of the acknowledged receipt? Don’t worry. We have a good news for you. You are never late. You can login into and access your form 2290 and stamped schedule 1 anytime. It’s always available to view or download right from your Dashboard. And if you’re on the road, remember, we’re as portable as you are. Login from your Smartphone with our mobile site or from your tablet with our free iOS and Android apps.

No matter where you’re truckin’; makes it easy to retrieve your vital tax information, day & night, 365/7/24. Something that important shouldn’t be locked in a cabinet somewhere without a back-up.

You can look forward for technical assistance by our handpicked Tax Experts through phone, e-mail or chat. Call us at 866-245-3918 or write to

We are your back up. Paper is unreliable, but you can always rely on us.

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