Things you didn’t know about Semi Trucks

U.S is one state which runs on trucking all day. Providing people with job opportunities, trucking has gained its importance in no time. Every other person wants to become a trucker, every other women wants to join trucking. Why? Well, let’s leave the topic for our next blog. Right now, we should talk about the different things you were not aware of semi trucks.

Now we would discuss about things you don’t know about a semi truck.

The Origin of “Semi”:

Tractors are many but nothing can be compared to the number of semi trucks registered in U.S alone. There are about 5.6 millions semi trailers (truck-trailers), almost three times the number of semi truck (tractors). Initially, they were named trailers and later, they were converted in Semi Trucks.

Trailers usually don’t have front wheels and they come in use when connected to the tractor part of the truck. Hence, they are called semi-trailers. The term “Semi” and “Semi Trucks” are evolved from that.

These trailers are typically 53 feet long and brakes are automatically applied while the trailer is standing unattached. Once the trailer is attached to the truck, pressure from the truck’s engine powered air pump releases the brake and it starts rolling along automatically.

Trucker’s Central:

Did you know? Around one-third the total numbers of semi trucks, i.e. 1,900,000, operating in the U.S. are registered in California, Florida, and Texas and more than 3.2 millions truck drivers dedicatedly working towards the nation? Well yes, you are reading it right. U.S is one such nation, growing day by day. 90% of trucking companies and owner- operators own fewer than 6 trucks.

Two-Thirds of America:

As per statistics, semi trucks drive about 140 billion miles each year in U.S and 68% of goods are delivered at their respective destination by semi trucks. However, as per the calculation, the work outs are about 60,000 pounds per American every year, with the largest commodities delivered and weighted more are agricultural and building materials.

Long-Distance Operator:

Each year, semi trucks travel approximately around 45,000 miles, whereas the overall trucking mileage is covered to close to 100,000 miles for long-distance trucks.  This is the approximate estimation given by the trucking industry and Federal Highway Administration. These semi trucks make up about 15% of commercial trucks in U.S, quarter of the trillions miles wherein the trucking industry coverage is around 3 trillion.

 Fuel Consumption:

In late 70’s, an estimation was bought in speaking about the fuel consumption by semi trucks. Around 5.6 gallons of diesel was consumed those days wherein in today’s estimation is around 6.5 mpg. However, the range from 4 to 8 mpg varies from truck to truck. New fuel-economy standards taking effects from 2014 will convert semi trucks with sleeper cab to get 7.2 mpg on road.

Heavy Duty:

The maximum weight of a U.S. semi truck and full trailer is exceeding 75,000 pounds spread cross 18 conventional wheels.

Top Shots:

One of the top selling brands of semi truck is Freight liner; indulged in selling about a third of the 190,000 new semi’s sold annually. They are actually owned by Daimler Trucks North America, which also owns the Western Star brand. Next comes the most popular, Navistar International, followed by PACCAR, which owns the Peterbilt and Kenworth brands. Fourth is Volvo, which also owns the Mack brand.

Halt it!

Since 1997, antilock brakes on semi trucks has been introduced, which are significantly reducing the number of jackknife crashes, wherein the rear wheels of the trucks gets lock up and the trailer swings around into an acute angle with the truck. In today’s world, the most dangerous semi accidents are rollovers. According to Federal Highway Investigators has reported that these accidents take place when the semi truck goes onto a loose surface and the driver over corrects while trying to steer it back onto the pavement.

We hope you enjoyed and did discover something new about semi trailers. Do post your comments about the blog if we have missed any point. We would come back with some more interesting blog post, till then you can either file your return with right here or check out our other post by our tax expert. We wish all the truckers a happy and a safe rolling… Do stay healthy and safe; our nation is dependent on you. 

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