Types Of Vehicles Filed Through Form 2290

Hello filers, welcome back to our blog. Last time we had posted a blog on the purpose of filing form 2290. Today’s topic would be all about the types of vehicles filed through this form and its own set of requirements.

Types of Vehicles:

Taxable Vehicles:

The first category of vehicles is taxable vehicles. These vehicles are classified based of the Taxable Gross weight and average mileage, i.e. of 55,000 pounds or more and drives more than 5,000 miles (7,500 miles if Agricultural vehicle) respectively in the taxation year. It is believed that these heavy highway vehicles cause high level of damage to the highway due to the weight and the load their carry. And eventually, IRS made it mandatory for every heavy vehicle user to file and pay their dues based on the taxable gross weight and the miles covered on the highway.

It is obligatory to file and pay taxes on time or penalties would be levied, which would be too heavy on your pockets.

Also, IRS has made it mandatory for fleet owners to efile if they have more than 25 vehicles to report.

Suspended Vehicles:

The next set of vehicles filing form 2290 is suspended vehicles. Well, the name speaks it all. Vehicles that do not cross the minimum mileage i.e 5,000 miles and 7,500 miles for agricultural purpose are not required to pay their dues but they need to keep IRS informed about the same through form 2290.

The vehicles that are included in this category are:

  •         Commercial vehicles with average mileage less than 5,000 and 7,500 miles for agricultural used vehicles
  •         Mobile machinery for non-transportation function, non-transportation trailers and semi-trailers
  •         Qualified as official blood collectors by blood banks and organizations

However, do note, annual miles exceeding more than 5,000 and 7,500 miles for agricultural vehicles are calculated as taxable miles. You need to file Form 2290 Amendments to pay your dues and receive revised schedule1 copy.

Exempted vehicles:

As these vehicles are owned and operated by the Government itself, they really don’t have to pay taxes, however, they need to keep IRS informed about their exemption.

The following are the vehicles included in the list:

  • ·         The Federal Government,
  • ·         The American National Red Cross,
  • ·         The District of Columbia,
  • ·         A nonprofit volunteer fire department, ambulance association, or rescue squad,
  • ·         A state or local government,
  • ·         Indian tribal governments (To carry out essential tribal government functions)
  • ·         Mass transportation authority’s (under certain conditions)

Also, include these vehicles in the list:

  • ·         Qualified blood collector vehicles used by qualified blood collector organizations, and
  • Mobile machinery that don’t come under the category of heavy vehicle.

Logging Vehicles:

These vehicles are exclusively used for the conduct of logging operations.

A Logging Vehicle Is Qualified On the Following Basis:

  • ·         When the vehicles are exclusively used for transporting harvested products from the forested site, or exclusively used for transporting products harvested from the forested site to and from locations on a forested site (public highways may be used between the forested site locations), and
  • ·         It is registered as a highway motor vehicle and used exclusively in the transportation of harvested forest products. In addition, no special tags are required.

Agricultural Vehicles:

Agricultural vehicles are those, which are involved in harvesting and transporting agricultural goods, and the maximum mileage is 7,500 miles annually.

The vehicles that fall under this category are:

  • ·         Primarily used for farming purpose.
  • ·         Registered under the highway motor vehicle but they are exclusively used for farming and agricultural purpose. In addition, there are no special tags to differentiate the vehicle.

With this, we would like to remind you that if you have bought your vehicle on road for the first time in the month of April, then you’re liable to file form 2290 by 31st May. So come over and file with Tax2290.com, you will experience anew.

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