We Express our Heartfelt Gratitude to All Truckers and our Users!

Tax2290.com takes this opportunity to thank you for making this tax season a grand success. We believe you have reported Form 2290 HVUT returns to the IRS and got your IRS Schedule 1 copy smoothly through our platform. If you missed the deadline due to unfortunate circumstances, you can still e-file them on Tax2290.com and get the instant Schedule 1 copy. But you are liable for penalties, late fees, and interests over your tax dues up to 4.5% of the total tax amount. You can still limit these charges if you choose to act now. So, don’t delay further; E-file Form 2290 on Tax2290.com now!

Our services and commitment to the trucking community of the United States never end with Form 2290 e-filing. We also provide other Form 2290-associated services, including VIN Correction, Form 2290 Amendments, Form 8849 Schedule 6 refund claims, and Pro-rated Form 2290 reports. Tax2290.com is your one-stop solution for all your Form 2290 tax e-filing needs, where you can get smooth, accurate, and cost-effective services.

E-file for Form 2290 VIN Correction.

Don’t worry if you have received your IRS-stamped Schedule 1 copy with the incorrect VIN of your heavy highway vehicle. You can e-file for online VIN correction on Tax2290.com and get the revised Schedule 1 copy. Remember that you cannot operate your heavy vehicle with an incorrect Schedule 1 copy without running into trouble with the authorities. Therefore, you must get your wrong Schedule 1 copy corrected at once to ensure smooth trucking operations on public highways. Form 2290 VIN correction service starts at just $29.99 per report. We will ensure that once you apply for VIN correction in our platform, we will send them to the IRS promptly and you will get the revised Schedule 1 copy instantly.

E-file for Form 2290 Amendments.

Tax2290.com offers smooth Form 2290 Amendments e-filing under IRS-approved categories. You can e-file for 2290 amendments if your tax-suspended vehicle enters into the taxable category by exceeding the mileage use limit or increase in taxable gross weight of your heavy vehicle. So, you can e-file Form 2290 amendment under either of these categories and get the updated Schedule 1 copy. Our platform ensures that you are in compliance with the law and your tax liabilities. Form 2290 amendments start at just $29.99 for a single vehicle and $49.99 for multiple vehicles.

Form 8849 Schedule 6 Refund Claims.

You can easily apply for 2290 tax refunds using IRS Form 8849 Schedule 6 on Tax2290.com. You must apply for refund claims if you had overpaid or double paid your 2290 tax dues, your vehicle has been stolen, sold, transferred, or destroyed under any circumstances, or your truck travelled within the mileage limit. E-file Form 8849 Schedule 6 claims to get a refund from the IRS if your vehicle fits the refund criteria. IRS doesn’t send the refund amount electronically; instead, they mail the check to your registered address.

Form 2290 pro-rated taxes.

If you purchased a new heavy vehicle or used your existing vehicle anytime away from the beginning of tax season (months other than July), you don’t have to report or pay the taxes for the entire tax season. Instead, you can report Form 2290 HVUT returns and pay the taxes for those vehicles based on their first used month. You must estimate the taxes from the vehicle’s first used month to the end of the ongoing tax period and report Form 2290 accordingly. You can easily choose the vehicle’s first used month on our platform and e-file Form 2290 online on Tax2290.com. You will receive the instant Schedule 1 copy once the IRS processes your returns.

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