Why Is E Filing Form 2290 An Essential Task For Truckers?

We all know what America is for truckers and how truckers return their favor. Despite of the hurdles coming over, truckers never leave their rigs behind to escape. The dedication, gratitude and responsibility to work and make a difference through their profession is simply out of the box. And this attitude gear us up to showcase the best of our side, efiling services easy on your pockets.

So what is form 2290?

Form 2290 is also known as Heavy Vehicle Used Tax paid by truckers and owner operators driving heavy rigs weighing more than 55,000 pounds. It is believed that these heavy vehicles cause more damage and these taxes are directly funded to the maintenance of the highways and bridges across the nation.

Do You Think It Is Essential To File Form 2290 Online?

Well, this is the most crucial question to be answered. It is essential to file online if you are looking out to shorten the filing process. Yes, you read it right. Online filing is a trend that cannot leave your way without benefiting you. The best part about efiling is that you can file any time of the day and receive your schedule 1 copy in minutes; however, this is not so possible with paper filing.

Efiling is one method that allows you to overcome the hurdles faced in efiling. We shall talk about it in detail:

The hurdle we face in paper filing:

Paper filing: Manual filing within the given time

Efiling: The form is converted into an online application. Simply key in your details about your vehicle and let the magic spill.

Paper filing: Manual calculations is required.

Efiling: The application would do the math for you. Ensure you key in the right information

Paper filing: Error check is tedious and we tend to miss them many times, which pave for rejection.

Efiling: Nothing is tedious when Tax2290.com is around. Errors can be checked online with ease, notifying you before transmitting to IRS.

Paper filing: No assistance for filing form 2290

Efiling: If you opt for efiling, you can simply reach out for our Tax Experts through phone, email or chat. You can expect instant response.

Paper filing: Only one payment methods is made available for paper filers

Efiling: There are three methods available, among which you can choose and pay your dues.

Paper filing: Time taken for the delivery of schedule 1 copy is 5-45 days

Efiling: Once the return is transmitted to IRS, you will receive your schedule 1 copy in minutes after IRS approval.

Paper filing: No tracking ID or any other details about schedule 1 copy

Efiling: If there is any delay in the delivery of the proof of payment, simply log into your account and check for the status. If you are still not clear, you can always get in touch with our Tax Experts.

Paper filing: Pay penalties when return reached IRS late

Efiling: There is no room for penalties as return is transmitted to IRS almost immediately.

Paper filing: no other method to receive schedule 1 copy with ease

Efiling: If you file with Tax2290.com, you can receive your schedule 1 copy through Fax and alert through Text.

So, with clear differentiation, we hope you go with the right method to file form 2290 for the year 2014-15. If you have not filed your return yet, ensure you file before Sept 2nd as the due date ends there. If you have any queries and questions related to HVUT, you can reach our customer support any time of the day and weekends through phone, e-mail or chat. Call us at 866-245-3918 or write to support@taxexcise.com.

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