Why Should You Opt For Efiling Over Paper Filing?

From fleet owners to truckers, form 2290  plays a major part in their lives, paying dues and officially handling chores over the 18-wheeled vehicle. If your vehicles gross weight is more than 55,000 pounds, you are liable to file and pay your heavy vehicle used tax through form 2290 on or before the due date. HVUT is paid on yearly basis and if you fail to pay them on time, you are liable to file and pay with penalties.

As per American Jobs Creation Act October 2004, IRS took the initiative of electronic filling of tax return. Registered users of the highway motor vehicle should file this tax. IRS provides the truck owner with the e-filling solution, which can eventually help the truck owners to file HVUT returns and pay liable tax amount to the IRS. One more addition to this is during the taxation period if the Heavy Highway Vehicles are expected to be used 5,000 miles or less, the owner can report the vehicle as suspended/Exempt, which needs to be done through Highway use tax form 2290.

Note : If you own more than 25 heavy vehicles, it is mandatory to e file form 2290 online in order to pay your dues and report through form 2290.

If you are wondering why E-filing form 2290 is better than paper filing. keep reading, we will tell you right here.

There are two methods of filing form 2290. One is the traditional method- paper filing and the other one is efiling form 2290.

Paper filing was the traditional method that was initiated when taxes came into existence. And since then, paper filing was the well known method to pay your dues and report taxes. We have listed the cons of this method for your better understanding.

  • Maintenance of data for future usage is tedious
  • Opting for papers is not so eco-friendly
  • Errors and miscalculation will always be a part of your tax
  • The return filling process is really slow with paper filling
  • Delay in receiving schedule 1 copy
  • No human assistance

However, one can overcome  these disadvantages with online filing.

  • Maintain your data with ease and access to it anytime
  • Eco and user friendly
  • No room for errors and miscalculations
  • The processing time of your return is only minutes
  • Receive your schedule 1 copy in minutes
  • Ask for assistance any time while filing, even during the weekends


So what have you decided upon the method of filing? Tax2290.com always encourages its users to efile form 2290 and pays their dues online as efiling is safe, reliable and user-friendly. You are not only applicable for benefits that come your way, like Text Alert and Fax Copy but also you can enjoy services like getting your tax calculated and error checked without paying anything extra. Come over and seal a deal with Tax2290.com. You can expect immediate assistance from our Tax Experts about your Taxes through chat, email or phone. Simply reach us @ 1-866-245-3918 or email at support@taxexcise.com.

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