You can Assign a Third-Party Designee to E-file Form 2290 on!

Dear truckers! The new tax season is just two months away, and we are preparing to bring you form 2290 e-filing as early as possible to help you report your truck taxes ahead of the tax season. Form 2290 pre-e-filing will begin shortly on our So, we would like you to stay tuned for the updates and get ready to pre-file your form 2290 truck taxes online.

Easily e-file form 2290 on! is an IRS-approved modernized form 2290 service provider with dedicated web and mobile-based applications to e-file form 2290 online directly to the IRS. We are the first online service provider authorized by the IRS to provide this useful service to the trucking community of the United States. All truckers and trucking taxpayers can easily e-file form 2290 in our online platform and get the instant schedule 1 receipt directly to your registered email address. You can e-file form 2290 from the comfort of your home/office using your PCs, smartphones, laptops and tablet devices. You can download Tax2290 mobile application for free in Google Playstore for Android phones and the Apple app store for iPhone users. Our applications offer a complete DIY process where the taxpayers and truckers can prepare the tax reports, transmit them to the IRS and pay the tax dues smoothly and accurately without expert guidance.

Appoint anyone to e-file form 2290 for you in!

Truckers can assign a third-party member to e-file form 2290 online for your business on The third-party designee can be your employee, a tax preparer, or any other member to report your form 2290 tax returns to the IRS. And they must check the Yes box in the ‘Third-Party Designee’ section in form 2290 while filing the taxes online. Also, enter the designee’s name, phone number and personal identification number (any five-digit number). The authorization applies only to the tax return on which it appears.

By checking the Yes box in form 2290, you are authorizing your third-party designee for the following responsibilities,

  • The IRS can speak to your third-party designee to answer any questions regarding all information reported in form 2290 truck taxes for you.
  • They can exchange information concerning form 2290 with the IRS.
  • They can also request and receive written tax return information related to form 2290, like notices, correspondence and account transcripts.

Remember that your third-party designee only reports taxes and handles tax-related queries with the IRS. They don’t represent you before the IRS or any other authorities. Also, they don’t bind you to anything like additional tax liabilities.

The authorization automatically expires one year from the due date for e-filing form 2290 truck taxes to the IRS on your behalf. If you or your designee wants to revoke this authorization, send a written statement of revocation to,

Internal Revenue Service,

7940 Kentucky Drive,

Florence, KY 41042-2915.

Pro-rated form 2290 truck taxes for March 2023 used heavy vehicles is due on May 1! 

Also, truckers must remember that form 2290 truck taxes are due on a pro-rated basis for March used heavy vehicles is due on May 01, 2023. Therefore, truckers with March used heavy vehicles must e-file pro-rated form 2290 in and get the instant schedule 1 copy before the deadline.