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What Do You Do in Your Spare Time

An idle mind is a devil’s workshop’ therefore, it is good to engage your mind than take unnecessary tensions. Keeping yourself engaged is not always a difficult task especially if you have prior plans and aware of the activities you enjoy doing. Additionally, keeping yourself busy in something you love helps you relax and inspire you to do your job better. If you thought reading while driving is a distraction and have put down the idea, then it is time you re-consider your decision. With less time for yourselves, taking up new hobbies like knitting or writing a book helps you spend your time wisely. Continue reading

Discovering the Best Highways of Americas

The highways of America are the best gifts for almost all of us. They give us space to drive along the country and make the journey adventurous too. Moreover, if you are an admirer of nature than these highways of America have many things to offer. Imagine driving along the road with no sceneries around. Sounds boring right! So, it’s time to thank America’s highway system for building the beautiful and amazing highways to drive on. However, to maintain the beauty of the highways and repair the damages truckers should pay their highway tax on time. Moreover, they can e-file truck tax return online with tax2290.com, the first IRS certified e-filing service provider.

There are numerous highways in America but some of them remain etched to your mind for a long time. With your share and contribution to the highways, they have become better and some of them have been regarded as being the finest of all. Read on to learn about the best highways in America and if you have had the chance of travelling on any one of them. Continue reading

New Rules Laid by the FMCSA for Truckers

Truck drivers drive during the odd hours of the night and even during the harsh weather conditions. Not having enough rest and not eating proper food have made it difficult for truckers to drive with complete attention and are the reasons for the increasing accidents too. Therefore, to help truckers improve their lifestyle and save them from accidents new rules have been implemented by the FMCSA in the recent times. However, it is important for trucking companies and truckers to follow the safety rules, keep themselves alert, and take care of their health. Read this blog to learn about the new rule imposed by the FMCSA. Continue reading

Important road safety measure for truckers!

At Tax2290, we are deeply connected with the trucking industry. One is through our online tax e-file software which enables filers of IRS forms like Form 2290, file HVUT with great ease and get their proof of payment very soon after the last step. The other is, having connected digitally with the trucking industry for nearly a decade now, we have kind of become emotionally attached to the industry as a company. And so, the more we are concerned about truck driver’s safety on roads and supporting government and other agencies like FMCSA in improvising the industry as a whole. In that, today we thought we would share one of their most important safety programs to be aware of while sharing the roads with heavy trucks – The No-Zone program.  Its goal is to increase awareness of the No-Zones — danger areas like blind spots, around commercial vehicles, in which cars “disappear” from the view of the truck. Continue reading