3 Things That Don’t Matter To Truckers Drivers As Much As We Think!

Every industry got their turnover problem and that never seems to go away. Many people assume that truck drivers get low paid and they don’t possess good habits, which is not so true. However, there are certain evidence that speaks about the trucking sectors and their payment factor, showcasing the big turnover troubles.

However, according to the survey done by many, pay and other essential subject to discuss on, may not matter the driver as much as we might think. In the list, we outlined 3 things which really don’t matter the truckers as we presume.

  •  Driver’s Pay

We do come across many companies; end up grabbing the tag of best fleets even though their paying range is not so high. These companies follow a reasonable pay, providing many other amenities.

According the survey our tax experts took sometime last month; we had a talk with the drivers and asked them if they were compensated fairly for the service they provide. Among the lot, nearly 5% said they were less satisfied with total work environment, which included facilities like compensation, benefits, work/life balance and professional development opportunities. However, when asked to these truckers if they would switch their job, they replied, they would not mind working for the same company rest of their career.

Even though around 15-20% would like to be paid more, they’re pretty happy with the current package and stick around on a longer basis. That’s a pretty consistent with what we see across the truck drivers and the companies they work for.

We have discovered one thing; pay does not matter or seem to be a big deal for truckers.  It’s everything else. Truckers’ don’t quit their job because the pay sucks. Even if the pay is kind of low but the company treats you well, you’ll probably stick around.

  • Fab Facilities

We have noticed that companies on social media and other mediums bragged about the facilities they provide the truckers with, which include fitness rooms, big screen TVs and overly expensive furniture and when surveyed, truckers are not so fascinated about the fancy facilities than about how well they work.

  • Open-Door Policies

For truckers, special facilities are not so vital. They like direct contact with the superiors in order to share their grievances or address their problem. Wasting time and simply lingering around is not a trucker’s cup of tea.

What gets the most value is periodic showing of interest. Here, the proactive approach acts better than waiting behind the door. When the manager shows up at the trucker’s meet or discuss about their family and kids, which means something.

Few things matter and few essentials don’t… Among them, the above mentioned is topics does not matter much to a trucker whereas, filing taxes on time and paying their duty is important for every trucker behind the wheels. Tax2290.com acknowledges your dedication and your zeal to serve the nation. Hats off to you truckers!

For any more queries, you can always call us @ 1-866-245-3918 or shoot an Email to support@taxexcise.com. It more than our duty to serve you truckers, you’re our inspiration to work with dedication and honesty.

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