What America Puts Forward for You, Truckers!

There is no dearth of interesting places in and around America. If you are an ‘On the Road’ driver and hardly have time to take pleasure in the amazing and interesting scenic beauties that the country offers, then take some time to make your job better! Your profession can be a boom if you get additional time to indulge in nature’s delight than driving for long hours. Visiting the attractions is surely possible for truckers with little planning and effort. Of course, you can relish the nature through your lens too.

Today, in this blog, I would bring forth some of the interesting places for truckers to visit even when behind the wheels.

Striking Attractions for Truckers:

Gateway Arch:

Located in St. Louis, it is one of the popular and significant monuments in America. This arch is around 70,000 square feet and can accommodate up to 160 people. Easily viewable from highway ‘I-70’ and ‘I-64’, it is a great relief for truckers getting bored of driving for long hours. Easily accessible along with breathtaking sight can give freedom from stress and make the drive enjoyable.

Hoover Dam:

Constructed in 2205, the Hoover Dam bypass was a common route for commercial truck drivers but was banned after September 2011. Beautifully built over the Colorado River, the dam had sharp turns and narrow roads, also being the reason for accidents. The big side walls on either side do not give a proper view of the dam but the public parking at ‘US 93’ make it possible for truckers to stop and admire. Therefore, if by any chance you cross by the Hoover Dam stop by to get inspired and swayed by its grandeur.


What could be better if you have time to rest and realize being in Vegas. The city offers several parking options for OTR drivers and easily accessible too. Besides, ensure keeping the CDL in place and make the delivery on time. There are casinos and other places to relax in Vegas but not at the cost of their work. Truckers hardly have time to relax but utilizing some of their time after delivery to enjoy will inspire them and make their work easy.

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