Do You File Form 2290 Often? Then Here Is Your Savings Plan!

Who will not like to keep their hard earned money all by themselves? Practically it is not possible to keep everything you earn, but there are several ways to save a major portion of it. Wise men always say “A penny Saved is a Penny Earned”.

On a recent survey with Truckers it was found that, on an average a truck Driver with Two years of experience Earns only 34 to 37cpm if he drives Legal. Moreover he has to take 5 days off after 4 – 5 weeks of working Schedule and also has to meet is strict mileage requirement.

Not only a Trucker, any individual for that matter has to think twice before you pull your wallet out. Money is one such thing that comes in after a hard day’s work and gets spent even before you can count it. Insurance is a good Example for spending money wisely; Pay once and your medical expenses are covered.

Likewise the entire Trucking Industry can take advantage of the Seasonal Packages offered by on E-filing their HVUT Tax Form 2290. Pay once for the Package and It covers all your 2290 filings throughout the Year. One can E-file any number of returns with any number of vehicles for a business for a complete Tax Year.

There are several packages customized for your E-filing needs. Starting from unlimited 2290’s to unlimited 2290 + 2290amendments + 8849 Schedule 6. This comes at a very nominal price and can save a lot of Money for you.Act Fast pay once and take the website for granted for a complete year for your HVUT Tax Form 2290 E-filing.

Additional to this following the New 2290 Tax year 2012 -13 and Independence week Taxexcise is now running on a special promotional offer, were you can file all your form 2290 returns at exclusive discount price. Yes get a Flat 20% off on all your 2290 tax returns you file with including Seasonal packages .Use coupon code 2290USA and enjoy 20% flat discount. Offer valid only till 8th of July ! Hurry Up!

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