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Treat yourself with a Flat 10% OFF when your File Form 2290, Form 720 & IFTA!


Halloween is not only meant for Kids, Says www.Taxexcise.com & www.Tax2290.com – Products of ThinkTrade Inc. Kids have their own way of celebrating Halloween and we as the FIRST EVER AND THE ONLY DECADE OLD IRS Authorized E-file Service Provider For E-filing Heavy Highway Vehicle Use tax (HVUT) Form 2290, wish to Treat the Ever Busy and Hard working Trucking Community in our own style by offering a Special Discount this Halloween.

ThinkTrade Inc offers a Flat 10% OFF on the E-file Preparation Fee this Halloween with a Special discount code “HALLOWEEN17” valid only for two days that is 30th & 31st of October. Offer is valid on all the Three Tax Forms that must be filed before Halloween Ends i.e. 31st of October, 2017.

Taxes that are due tomorrow: Continue reading

File HVUT With Tax2290.com And Avail Discounts

We’ve witnessed the inbound growth of technology, and today from shopping to paying taxes is converted online through the invisible network. We are clinging to online services, as it is making our task simpler than before. It is not so practical to wait outside IRS office in order to submit form 2290 and wait for 5-45 days to receive schedule 1 copy. Additionally, IRS do not function on weekends, filing and paying taxes during the week day, leaving behind the schedule is difficult. Continue reading

Pre File Through Tax2290 Smartphone App

Hello truckers, welcome back to our blog. Weekend is slipping in; we hope you have some great plans for this week. However, before you start up planning, ensure you are ready with the documents to file form 2290 online. July 1st is not too far. And we hope you are going to efile form 2290 this time as the method itself speaks about being safe, secure and reliable. Continue reading

Do You File Form 2290 Often? Then Here Is Your Savings Plan!

Who will not like to keep their hard earned money all by themselves? Practically it is not possible to keep everything you earn, but there are several ways to save a major portion of it. Wise men always say “A penny Saved is a Penny Earned”.

On a recent survey with Truckers it was found that, on an average a truck Driver with Two years of experience Earns only 34 to 37cpm if he drives Legal. Moreover he has to take 5 days off after 4 – 5 weeks of working Schedule and also has to meet is strict mileage requirement.

Not only a Trucker, any individual for that matter has to think twice before you pull your wallet out. Money is one such thing that comes in after a hard day’s work and gets spent even before you can count it. Insurance is a good Example for spending money wisely; Pay once and your medical expenses are covered. Continue reading