File HVUT With And Avail Discounts

We’ve witnessed the inbound growth of technology, and today from shopping to paying taxes is converted online through the invisible network. We are clinging to online services, as it is making our task simpler than before. It is not so practical to wait outside IRS office in order to submit form 2290 and wait for 5-45 days to receive schedule 1 copy. Additionally, IRS do not function on weekends, filing and paying taxes during the week day, leaving behind the schedule is difficult.

And in such cases, efiling comes in for your rescue. The advancement of efiling allows you to file HVUT for your rig almost from anywhere, anytime till you have a strong internet connection. Also, you need to rely on effective service provider like in order to file authentic and secure. Additionally, we have come up with offers that can let you stay beneficial.

For the Tax season 2014-15, you can avail 10% discount on your efiling service fee by applying the coupon code “FREEDOM14”. Also, do note, this offer is valid only till 13th of July. So hurry up and ensure you pay your respect to the nation by then.

Moreover, with the rapid increase in the usage of Smartphone and apps framed, Tax2290 Android/iPhone app is available in their respective store for free. You can install the app in minutes and file your return online for the year 2014-15 in less than 5 minutes like every other regular return. Ensure you apply the coupon code, “FREEDOM14” to avail discounts on your efiling service fee.

What’s next, you receive your schedule 1 copy almost immediately when your return is transmitted to IRS. Don’t get surprised, we are here to show you wonders.

Other than that, you can also rely on our tax experts for any queries while filing or after filing HVUT at For assistance, you can always reach our Tax Experts at 1-866-245-3918 or email at

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