Plan B- Full Service Option Only At

Welcome back truckers, we trust and hope everyone is well aware that the taxation season for the year 2014-15 has already dropped into our calendars. All we need to do is, affiliate with an authentic service provider like and report form 2290 with ease. Another added advantage you get is, avail 10% discount on efiling service fee by applying the coupon code “FREEDOM14”

There are innumerable features available to enrich your efiling service experience. Among the lot, Full Service Option is one such feature that can leave you overwhelmed as you really have nothing to do. We would do it for you.

We know how the technology has geared the new generation, yet, there are chances you don’t have immediate access to computer or not familiar with internet. In such scenarios, you really don’t have to get back to paper filing and pay your respects. We have the best option for you, only at

All you need to do is, call our Tax Experts and ask them more details about “Full Service Option”. In this feature, you need to provide us details mentioned below and we would do the filing for you in minutes. However, you can also opt for text alert and fax alert if you don’t have direct contact to your email account. Schedule 1 copy would be send across once IRS accepts your return. Ensure you have a copy of your proof of payment in your truck.

So the very next step you need to do is download the Service Template and fill in the following details:

  • Tax Year and Month First Used
  • Taxable Vehicle Information
  • Prior Year Suspended Vehicle Information
  • Credits on sold/ destroyed or stolen vehicle and Low Mileage vehicle
  • Third Party Designee
  • Filing and Payment Option
  • Product or Service Payment Option

After keying in the above details, kindly send the completed Excel Template to our support specialists through Email and you would receive your schedule 1 copy in minutes. You have successfully filed through an authorized and authentic service provider.

For more assistance, you can always reach our Tax Experts at 1-866-245-3918 or email at

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