Pre File Through Tax2290 Smartphone App

Hello truckers, welcome back to our blog. Weekend is slipping in; we hope you have some great plans for this week. However, before you start up planning, ensure you are ready with the documents to file form 2290 online. July 1st is not too far. And we hope you are going to efile form 2290 this time as the method itself speaks about being safe, secure and reliable.

However, if you are ready with your documents and you are eagerly waiting for the season to drop in, your wait ends here. Pre filing form 2290 with is the newest trend followed by our fellow truckers. Do note, the pre filing season will be ending this month, so hurry up everyone and enjoy the offer of 10% discount on your efiling service fee. We are sure; you don’t like to miss it.

Now the main question is raised, how do I pre file when I’m behind the wheels all day and night. Don’t worry, we are all prepared to face this. If you have own a Smartphone, you can pre file online with ease. All you need to do is, install our Tax2290 Android or iPhone App for free, depending upon the platform you are using. Register or log into your registered account and simply fill in the details. We know how much the nation matters to you.

And if you are worried about the calculation part, simply dump the worries. Kindly allow our inbuilt application to deal with it. Accuracy is assured. Additionally, when you are completing your return don’t forget to apply the coupon code “LEADOFF14” and avail 10% discount on efiling service fee. Everyone loves discount, even you do!

Other than the important features, you can reach out for our Tax Experts for more assistance. If you are not so well versed with computers and really have no idea how to go about, we are here. Simply dial 1-866-245-3918 or shoot a mail to Don’t be surprised when our experts assist you with your queries almost immediately. That’s the notion we carry out. Immediate assistance can be expected.  And yes, don’t forget to share a word of mouth with your fellow truckers about the offer hosted by

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