Early Filing Is Healthy, Safer Too Only @ Tax2290.Com

With the weekend fever just ended, we hope and stay assured that you did have good weekend with your family and friends, resting your rig for a while. However, we are here to announce that Tax2290.com is offering pre filing service for filers who are ready with their documents associated with 2290 form.

We know that IRS would not accept form 2290 any time before the July 1st, the return transmitted through our servers would be safely kept on hold and release it when IRS would open the gateway for the form. You would receive your IRS schedule1 copy by the first week of July.

The tax season hops on to your calendar by July 1st– August 31st, however, this time, the last date of filing form 2290 is September 2nd 2014. But all we are thinking is, why do you have to wait till July 1st when you can file it today? Don’t worry, we ensure you are always in advantage. You can apply the coupon code “LEADOFF14” and avail 10% discount on efiling service fee.

Assume you choose to paper file your return this year. You cannot avail the benefits of pre filing plus, you need to submit the form 2290 at least a month before the due date as it take around 5-45 days to get your schedule1 copy. We are sure, you don’t like penalties.

Advantages of Pre filing With Tax2290.com:

Well, reasons are many; we are just sketching it out for you:

  • ·         Pre filing allows you to stay busy during the tax season.
  • ·         You will receive your schedule 1 copy by July 1st week with no extra charges implied.
  • ·         You can avail 10% discount on efiling service fee and enjoy a discounted filing.
  • ·         Avoid the virtual traffic jams.
  • ·         Full time customer support by our Tax Experts

So what are you still thinking? We have provided you with the set of advantages of pre filing. All you got to do is, log into Tax2290.com and select the return you are filing. Nourish the application with the details, assign a third party designee if required and check on consent to disclosure. This is an electronic signature of the taxpayer. And what’s next? Pay your dues online, which is highly recommended by IRS and wait till we transmit your return. Of course, you can stay assured that your schedule1 copy would reach your email ID by the first week of July that is a promise.

Reach our friendly Tax Experts anytime you want to get your queries in place @ 1-866-245-3918 or simply write to us @ support@taxexcise.com.

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