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Recent IRS Updates and TODAY’S Deadlines for Q2 IFTA & Pro-rated Form 2290

Unlike many other tax return deadlines, the deadline on the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290 has not been extended. Every truck driver who travels in and around America will need to file new returns before the actual due date of August 31st. During recent months due to the sudden surge of filings taking place, the IRS has also issued certain guidelines to make this process less cumbersome.

The following are a few key points issued by the IRS for Form 2290.

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Early Filing Is Healthy, Safer Too Only @ Tax2290.Com

With the weekend fever just ended, we hope and stay assured that you did have good weekend with your family and friends, resting your rig for a while. However, we are here to announce that Tax2290.com is offering pre filing service for filers who are ready with their documents associated with 2290 form. Continue reading

Pre File Form 2290 With Tax2290.com This Month

Welcome back truckers, it’s been a very long week. Hope you all were available for your families and allowed your truck to rest. We know the hardship you share with your truck, roads and taxes. Obligations are many; among them taxes is one such commitment that arises only once a year and it last only for 2 months i.e. July 1st– 31th August. Continue reading