efile VIN Correction

Efile IRS Form 2290 VIN Correction

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a distinctive number assigned to a vehicle to identify it for changing title, vehicle registration and other functions. It contains 17 digits of alphanumeric characters.efile VIN Correction

VIN Correction: When you have Vehicle identification numbers of up to 17 characters with mixed of numbers and letters, mistakes happen. For example, you type 5 instead of S. To err is human. For Example, Let’s say that you file form 2290 and pay $550 to IRS and get your Schedule-1. You take it to the DMV or the Carrier, and then you realize that the Schedule 1 has the wrong VIN. Then need to report 2290 Amendment for VIN correction.

Efile VIN Correction: Now IRS accepts efiling for VIN correction, initially to correct a mistakenly filed wrong VIN# it takes weeks to do that by paper filing or manual filing. Now IRS accepts Efiling for VIN Correction where everything is done in minutes and get a new Schedule-1 copy with corrected VIN# through www.TaxExcise.com.

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