Experience uniqueness with Semi-Truck Sleeper

For many, semi truck looks like a complete mystery. It is incredible, thousands of men and women spend weeks and months together on-the-go, from eating to sleeping is arranged within. Though we know that something like this do exist, but not many of us got an opportunity to explore the other side of the truck. Keeping the task for the day, nature of the job and the amount of time, the amenities present within will surely surprise you. The confining space is a sense of comfort and warmth. Truly speaking, style of living on the road is easily outweighed the tight quarters, which is highly rewarding.

Choosing trucking as a full time profession, makes a person strong enough to take up open challenges with unique, unexpectable climatic and living conditions. With a semi-truck sleeper, here is the list of the most common things, which can put your muscle to ease.

Bed Area

Most OTR semi trucks have a sort of bed which can be pulled down from the wall. Unless and until it is a customized truck, the bed is usually twin size. As we cannot run the vehicle all day and night, rest is important. Especially during extreme weather seasons like stormy winter and steamy summer, you don’t have to stay up a night in motel when you are in your semi truck.

Space for Storage

As you can probably guess, storage is limited inside a semi-truck. Space for clothes, food toiletries, meal preparation utensils and ingredients occupy most of the space. Of course, space for some books can also be contributed if you love reading.

Food Conservation Methods

There are many creative ways of keeping the food in fresh and eatable condition while being behind the wheels. Thermoelectric coolers, travel refrigerators, and ice chests are three of the most popular ways. Ice chests tend to be the most effective way to keep food cool.


Having a source of electricity can make a drastic change. It is helpful when it comes to cooking, personal hygiene, and truck support tools etc. You can generate electricity by either buying a diesel-powered auxiliary power unit (APU) or an inverter.

Attending Nature’s call

You read it right, there s a portable toilet within semi-truck sleeper, which is indeed the best investment of a truck driver. Obviously, the size, color and the waste tank would differ. You can take the final call on the accessories to be kept in the washroom.

Pay your taxes on time:

Being on a long haul with your semi truck, there is no room for filing form 2290 late or with penalties. E-filing is the best method to file your taxes to IRS. You don’t have to walk till IRS local office or wait in long queues. All you need to do is have a scanned copy of your documents ready in your laptop or iPad, sign in tax2290.com if you are filing for the first time or log in for a secure filing. File your return in minutes and get your schedule-1 copy almost immediately.

Making a living in a semi truck is more like living in a small, compact portable apartment. Fitting in appropriate features and requirements can make trucking the most enjoyable and relaxing profession.

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