FAQs For A Gear Up Tax Season 2015-16

Annual HVUT renewals may be the furthest thing from your mind on a gorgeous spring day! But here at Tax2290, we’ve already crossing our days in our calendar. Our duty and responsibility is to provide year-round exceptional efiling support and we cannot wait for the season to simply kick off.

So let’s get prepared for our favorite time of the year, we have come up with frequently asked questions in form 2290 style.

If you know the answers already, we are bragging the rights for you. And if you don’t know, nothing to be shy about. We get these exact questions and more on a daily basis.

1. How can I E-file from my tablet or Smartphone?

It is indeed simple. All you need is a active WiFi connection. And there are two ways to enjoy efiling on-the-go.

  • Use our Mobile site in your phone/tablet browser: m.tax2290.com.
  • Download our free iOS or Android app! Once you login, you’ll follow the same baby steps to E-filing success!

2. How does the IRS electronically “stamp” my Schedule 1? And why can’t I see it?

The IRS indicates that your return has been accepted with an electronic watermark in the center of your Schedule 1. It should say “E-File” with the date received below. Depending on your printer settings, this mark may appear very faint, but rest assured, it’s still a valid Schedule 1.

To learn more about retrieving extra copies of your stamped Schedule 1 (for free!), read The Stamped Schedule 1: How to retrieve it.

3. How do I transfer my 2290 to a new vehicle?

You cannot, it is almost impossible to literally transfer form 2290 form one vehicle to another. However, you can do one thing; you can claim a credit for your old vehicle to avoid paying any extra tax.

Simply login and start a new Form 2290 enter the vehicle information for the new truck, and then claim a credit for the older sold/lost/destroyed truck on the same Form. You’ll only pay the difference.

4. Can I use my Social Security Number instead of an EIN?

First, we should clarify what EIN means for those who may not know. An Employer Identification Number is a federally-issued ID of 9 unique digits. And no, you cannot use a SSN instead. While this procedure was allowed in the past, however, the IRS no longer accepts SSN in place of EIN’s for tax purposes.

If you don’t have an EIN, you can obtain one for free by registering online through the IRS. Check out the methods of applying for an EIN here.

One last tip: you need to maintain peace for at least 10 days after you receive the EIN before efiling. It takes about that long for the IRS to activate your number and update it in their records, and before that happens, any return filed with the newly issued EIN will be rejected.

5. Why didn’t I receive my stamped Schedule 1?

There are two usual suspects in this case.

  • The Schedule 1 email went to your Spam/Junk box.
  • You didn’t transmit the return.

If it’s not in your Spam Box, log back into your account and make sure the return was transmitted. From your Dashboard, you can easily view the status of every return E-filed with us. If it says, “Not transmitted or in progress, you need to check through where you had left and transmit it to the IRS.

If it was transmitted, it will say “Transmitted” or “Accepted,” and you’ll be able to view & print the stamped Schedule 1 right there.

This count to be the teaser of FAQs, there are more to come. So stay tuned and connected with us, till we update the next set of questions. Afterall, it never hurts to know more about tax regulations. Who knows, when this information will come in for your rescue during a trivia night or while helping a friend to efile their tax return.

If you still have questions popping up in your brains, don’t worry. We have a better solution for this. You can reach our tax experts @ -866-245-3918 or leave an email to support@taxexcise.com for instant assistance.  Good day, truckers!

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