How To Efile Form 2290 Amendment: Taxable Gross Weight Increase

It happens. We all put a little extra weight every now and then, and again, its holiday season! Fortunately, this weight gain comes with minimal consequences (like having to break out those elastic-waist sweatpants)!

But what happens, when your truck gain weight? An increase in the taxable gross weight of a vehicle means an increase in the heavy vehicle use tax owed if this weight increase bumps your truck up to the next weight category.

So get ready to calculate the prorated tax and break out those partial-period tax tables if you are choosing paper filing. And if you’re filing it online, welcome to We would never think of putting you through such torturous filing.

If you have already filed with us before, you would be well aware that we are pro-simplicity and anti-calculator. Whether you E-filed this year’s Form 2290 with us or not, E-filing a Form 2290 Amendment is super easy with because we do all of the calculating for you and filing as well.

Here we go with the step-by-step guidance for efiling an amendment for an increased vehicle weight.

*Note: Be sure to submit the amendment by the last day of the month following the month in which the weight increase occurred.

Step 1: Get started!

– Returning users’ login or new users create an account.

– Click “Start” under Form 2290 Amendments.

– Choose the kind of amendment. Click start under “Taxable Gross Weight Increase.”

Step 2: choose the return you wish to amend, and if you have not filed with us before, you can create a new amendment right there.

–  Click on continue.

Step-3: Input Vehicle Info

–  Select the amend tax year.

–  Select vehicle first-used month.

– Select the amended month, the month in which the weight change occurred.

Step -4: Amendment Taxable Gross Weight details

– Specify the VIN of the vehicle for which you are filing amendment return form 2290

– Select the prior Taxable Gross Weight (in pounds)

– Select current Taxable Gross Weight (in pounds):

–  Check on your options accordingly if your vehicle was used for logging.

– If you are changing the weight of more than 1 vehicle, click “Save & Add Another;” otherwise, click “continue” to complete.

-Rejoice as the tax is prorated for you! I told you that you wouldn’t need a calculator!

Step 5: Assign a Third Party Designee

–  Select “YES/NO” for the same.

Step 6: Instant Error check

– Time for the Instant Audit! Our system scans your return for errors, just one more step to ensure that you get the green light!

Step 6: Transmit the Return

– Choose from three methods of payment to pay your increased tax to the IRS. As always, we offer Direct Debit (EFW), EFTPS, and check or money order.

-And you’re done! Securely transmit your amendment to the IRS and receive your new stamped Schedule 1 within minutes!

And that’s all, folks. These simple and easy steps with just a few clicks here & a dash of typing there allows you to file an amendment return and a revised schedule 1 copy.

All in all, you’ll be done in 10 minutes or less thanks to our stream-lined process.

And if you’re not sure which amendment to file, don’t be shy!
At, we have a group of handpicked Tax experts, well renowned people in the industry, filing at their finger tips. They’re available via email support at They’re also on live chat, or just a phone call away at 866-245-3918.

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