Give Your Eyes What They Need!

Do You Know?Eyes are the most active part in our bodyEye muscles are the strongest muscles in our body

Dear trucker, how long you are going to pay opticians? No more if you are reading me this minute. It is a blessing that every one of us have got a pair of eyes via what you rejoice in the beauty of the existing world. More of us take life as granted and never consider the consequences. Now, imagine that you have lost your eyesight. You could see nothing. Can’t watch TV, Laptop any more. Greater of all, you cannot drive anymore. Clear eyesight makes the world a better place to live in.

There are three pretty standard ways to strengthen your eye muscles & eye sight. You can just do it in truck stops. Let this be one of your 2013 resolutions.

  • Blinking
  • Palming
  • Eye exercises

  • Blink as much as you can.  Your eyes stay focus tuned on road and dashing vehicles all those time you drive.  This keeps your eyes fruity fresh meanwhile envisioning longer focusing time. Free now? Try this.  Stare at something with few blinking intervals in between. Make a note how your eyes are relaxed now. Later stare at something more than a minute and you feel the difference of relaxation and strain.
  • Another truck stop treatment!  Take few lung breathes before you do palming. Close your eyelids followed by closing eyes by bowing your palm.  Let your fingers touch your forehead and heel of your hands rest at your cheekbone. Do not put pressure on your eyes. Make sure you leave blinking gap inside. This brief dark session in between eye-do tasks gives an all new feeling at the end. By the time, keep your wallet safe…
  • No way J must do it at home.  Keep your thumb or any pen in your hands and stretch your arms as much as possible. Move your arms around and along with your eyes focusing on it. Do such similar kind of exercises to strengthen your vision and health.

We hope this exercise would have been of much useful to retain your vision & make it brighter in coming days. We also request you to save our nation’s vision, (the highways) by paying your HVUT taxes on time. Call us at 1-866-245-3918 for any support. Happy E-filing.