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Tax Experts Now Available During the WEEKEND This Tax Season 2015-16

Trucking, the profession speaks about the difficulties owned and faced on the road, behind the wheels and while at Truck stops. What gives you the strength to move ahead each day, make deliveries, and serve the nation? Well, this dedication and motivation keeps you going, and it holds like an inspiration to run show. And not to mention, you are the main reason for our success. Truckers who deal with heavy vehicles come over, file their HVUT taxes online with Tax2290.com during the weekends too, since our customer support team is now available to take calls, email and chat.

Efiling is one such method, which simplifies the process of tax filing and paying your HVUT taxes with the ability to E-File. Anyone who is filing a return with 25 or more vehicles is required to file electronically, but everyone is encouraged to do so. Through an IRS Authorized E-File Provider, like Tax2290.com, you can E-File your Form 2290, pay your HVUT taxes owed to the IRS and receive your Stamped Schedule 1 within minutes. Having the option to E-File makes the annual filing process quick and easy. Continue reading

Tax2290 iOS App for Filing HVUT with Ease

We feel extremely happy & proud to introduce a brand new style of filing taxes for your trucks. Tax2290 mobile app developed on iOS platform is now available on iTunes for download. Designing and developing an iOS app is quite a challenging task for developers. Before you start developing an app to run on any platform whether it is iOS, Android or Windows, you have to determine the need for development and need to mainly target on specific audiences.  Focusing on the needs and expectations of truckers, we have developed the app for iPhone users.  Spending most of the time driving, they really don’t find time to file their taxes within the deadline. Continue reading

Give Your Eyes What They Need!

Do You Know?Eyes are the most active part in our bodyEye muscles are the strongest muscles in our body

Dear trucker, how long you are going to pay opticians? No more if you are reading me this minute. It is a blessing that every one of us have got a pair of eyes via what you rejoice in the beauty of the existing world. More of us take life as granted and never consider the consequences. Now, imagine that you have lost your eyesight. You could see nothing. Can’t watch TV, Laptop any more. Greater of all, you cannot drive anymore. Clear eyesight makes the world a better place to live in.

There are three pretty standard ways to strengthen your eye muscles & eye sight. You can just do it in truck stops. Let this be one of your 2013 resolutions.

  • Blinking
  • Palming
  • Eye exercises

Continue reading