How to Deal with Overpaid Taxes through Form 2290

The season of taxes, the busiest time for truck drivers, Owner operators and trucking companies with add-on task to their schedule. Keeping the task in mind, e-filling the taxes would be the best, quickest and most convenient way to file taxes for the Tax year. Their spirits of hard working and dedication has indeed contributed a major portion of support and growth of the country.

There are scenarios when some of the e-filers unintentionally file tax form 2290 for the previously paid tax period opposing as current tax period. However, there is nothing worry about, as there is always a way out with Not everything is lost, we can still retrieve it.

The tax payment for the year might have just slip out of your mind or you might still be breathing in the assumption that you have not paid the tax for the year. E-file your tax on-time at and maintain a log of records wherein every single detail is mentioned. It will surely work on your favors in the long run.

These situations do not come up all the time. But, then when it does happen to you or your loved ones, there is some way out for the same:

  • You can ring up IRS at 1-800-829-4933 immediately or explain the mishap that has taken place
  • You can claim a refund through IRS tax form 8849 Schedule 6. Re-file your Form 2290 to get you stamped Schedule 1, this way you pay the taxes twice but will get a refund on over paid taxes

Being an IRS approved e-filling service provider, we are not authorized to reject or terminate a file submission, which has already being submitted to IRS through our servers. The taxpayer have to re-file their Form 2290, mentioning clearly about their business details, vehicle identification number & correct tax year. You can choose your mode of payment to pay your taxes, thus paying the same amount twice. This is surely a matter of concern.

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