Tips to Get Relieved from Back Pain While Driving

We all are well aware that life on the road is not an easy task to do. So many hurdles to cross, poor weather condition, inattentive motorist and bad road conditions, all sitting behind the wheel carrying weight of around 80,000 lb. rigs for hours together. This can surely leave the truck driver mentally exhausted and physically stressed. Sitting in the same constrained position for long period of time gives these truckers a nagging, awful ache at the base of their backs. This ache can get worse if the trucker has to lift heavy weight, usually occurring on daily basis for truck drivers.

These are the main factor why large numbers of truckers suffer from back pain. According to a survey, more than 70 percent of Americans suffer from back pain, among them truckers lead the league. In a recent study it was revealed that trucking is one of the top five profession which causes back pain.

Here are some of the tips to effectively improve the trucker’s condition and provide relief:

Stretches: Maintaining good pace with stretches everyday isn’t for just gymnasts and track stars. Any person, irrespective of their age and shape can get benefited by doing stretches. Truck drivers experience consistent vibrating movements on a daily basis, which can cause the muscle to tighten over time. These muscles need to be loosened on daily basis to avoid serious injuries in future.

Solution: If truckers spare two minutes from their busy schedule, a major injury can be avoided. Two minutes stretches can do lot more than wonders to their back. One of the best moves is to put their one foot on the steps of the truck, and stretch their back leg in the position of a lunge. Moreover, they need  to  Bend the front knee and hold for about twenty seconds. Repeat the same with the other leg.

Solution for Neck Ache: Truckers can move their head back and forth and vice-versa to ease the pain. If not treated properly, it would get worse with time.

Long Sitting Hours and Weight Lifting: Another major reason for back injuries is due to long period of sitting followed by intense heavy lifting. The bending forward movement makes the disc between the spinal joint pop out and there is room for serious injuries to occur.

Solution: drivers are encouraged to use “Lock and Load” method, which makes it difficult to rely on one arm’s strength and eventually protects the spine. It is proved that most of the back injuries are a result of not using this technique.

This method does not only help in relieving from pain but also controls the stress level. Truckers are likely to get less tired behind the wheels. It is said that truckers with height of 6 feet fit correctly. Those who are shorter or taller than the required height will need to make some minor adjustment to have a smooth journey on the highway.

Drivers are required to check on their seating, as the back of their knee should barely touch the seat edge. The steering wheel of the vehicle should be an easy reach for the driver and any stretch would surely cause pain. Make sure the rear mirrors are placed in position so that much of turning and twisting does not take place.

Healthy Diet: Overweight truckers are likely to have a tough time maintaining their back pain than the healthy ones. Bad nutrition and unhealthy eating habits can make the healing process nearly impossible. Stay hydrated all the time and enjoy lean snacks time-to-time.

By following these steps consistently, truckers can stay fit and relish their trucking experience.

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