Important road safety measure for truckers!

At Tax2290, we are deeply connected with the trucking industry. One is through our online tax e-file software which enables filers of IRS forms like Form 2290, file HVUT with great ease and get their proof of payment very soon after the last step. The other is, having connected digitally with the trucking industry for nearly a decade now, we have kind of become emotionally attached to the industry as a company. And so, the more we are concerned about truck driver’s safety on roads and supporting government and other agencies like FMCSA in improvising the industry as a whole. In that, today we thought we would share one of their most important safety programs to be aware of while sharing the roads with heavy trucks – The No-Zone program.  Its goal is to increase awareness of the No-Zones — danger areas like blind spots, around commercial vehicles, in which cars “disappear” from the view of the truck.

What is No-Zone

The FMCSA believes that the more people know about how to share the road safely, the fewer number of injuries and fatalities will be caused by crashes with large trucks. And so do we. By driving defensively and being the knights of the roads every time, you can become more professional with each drive. The areas around the trucks that are out of the eyesight of drivers and are dangerous are called the ‘No-Zone’ areas. Obviously, when the driver isn’t able to see what’s around the truck, the life of vehicles in its ‘No-Zone’ areas is at total danger. Especially, when the trucks are bound to take wide right turns, the danger for vehicles hanging in the ‘No-Zone’ area faces two times the normal danger. There are four types of blind spots. Brighten your eyeballs to read on.

Side No-Zone

Driving by the side of trucks when the truck driver cannot see you, can put you in massive trouble when he decides to shift lanes or swerve due to some reason.

Rear No-Zone

There are two views to this. One is when you are speeding right behind a truck (which the truck driver will not be able to see), if at all the truck stops or breaks suddenly, you have no option then to become a part of the truck. The other is, crossing behind a reversing truck. Truck drivers have no rear-view mirror and they might unknowingly crush you while you try to cut across behind them.

Front No-Zone

Truck drivers need nearly twice the time and room to stop as cars. When you move in front of a truck from its side and slow down suddenly, truck drivers are forced to slam their brakes and may plunge into your rears.

Wide right turns

While taking right turns, truck drivers might have to take wide turns to their left. And, during such an occurrence, do not coincidentally get squeezed in its back.

Know, follow and practice safety rules and be safe on roads. And as we always say, be safe legally as well. If you own a truck, tomorrow is the last day to file & pay your HVUT. Know the reasons for the extension here. And for any support during your e-file, we can be reached not less than immediately at 866-245-3918 or

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