Last day under extension to file Form 2290 & pay HVUT

For the little time (just more than half a day may be!) the IRS shut its Form 2290 e-file system on the 31st of August, 2012, they wished that their HVUT return filers and taxpayers shouldn’t face much of an inconvenience. And, extended the due date for filing form 2290 and payment of HVUT 3 days further from the time they got back in action. Half a day has been compensated by 3 days. This has to be appreciated since they want to collect as much as tax possible from the nation’s heavy vehicle user group and give America back the best of roads. It’s not that they don’t have any other work to do or it is the primary source of income for them. We have to see it as ultimately the revenue collected by the IRS is going to be distributed to the states to maintain our nation’s highways, for the convenient & safe running of trucks and other vehicles on them. After all, the IRS officials have to put in more efforts in their daily official chores for the after-filing procedures, as a result of the three days extension period. Like how a trucker will have loads of goods to be delivered in case he takes off for three days.

The IRS shut their e-file HVUT system down on August 31, 1.00 p.m. EDT and resumed the same on the 4th of September after the Labor Day Weekend. Today being the last day for the filing after extension of dates, heavy vehicle use tax payers are expected to complete their last minute filing & payment duties by today. 80% of the tax filing community chooses to e-file every year and so there shouldn’t be much of confusion when it comes to filing HVUT this time. Whether HVUT taxpayers do it themselves or take the services of a professional tax preparer, the benefits of e-filing HVUT online are matchless against paper-filing. Know more about it here. On tax2290, it is a cakewalk. Stop wherever you are and start filing. If you don’t have access to the internet, make a call on 866-245-3918 to get end-end kind assistance on online form 2290 filing to get your schedule 1 copy within minutes. Yeah, that’s important for your wheels to stay in touch with all the highway roads throughout the year until the next. And if you have a system hooked onto the internet, you can do it all by yourself within time frames you actually expected it to get over because we assist you righteously on the software itself as well as on the phone and on

Imagine you are speeding on a highway and are intruded by flashing cars of policemen or DOT inspectors. You get down and are inquired to show your vehicles tax payment receipt. Treatments are different when you show one in response and do not. When you submit their request as required with the valid schedule 1 copy, you are greeted gracefully for the day and are allowed to take off with respect. Otherwise, you can neither escape the situation nor win the argument. You may have to face tough penalties and legal circumstances. Why face such situations when after all a paper called stamped schedule 1 can save your life from its aftereffects at a minimal price? Yeah that’s right. Login into, file your form 2290 easily and enjoy the resulting win-win attitude of your vehicle ownership life!


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