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Last day under extension to file Form 2290 & pay HVUT

For the little time (just more than half a day may be!) the IRS shut its Form 2290 e-file system on the 31st of August, 2012, they wished that their HVUT return filers and taxpayers shouldn’t face much of an inconvenience. And, extended the due date for filing form 2290 and payment of HVUT 3 days further from the time they got back in action. Half a day has been compensated by 3 days. This has to be appreciated since they want to collect as much as tax possible from the nation’s heavy vehicle user group and give America back the best of roads. It’s not that they don’t have any other work to do or it is the primary source of income for them. We have to see it as ultimately the revenue collected by the IRS is going to be distributed to the states to maintain our nation’s highways, for the convenient & safe running of trucks and other vehicles on them. After all, the IRS officials have to put in more efforts in their daily official chores for the after-filing procedures, as a result of the three days extension period. Like how a trucker will have loads of goods to be delivered in case he takes off for three days. Continue reading