It’s High Time To File Your Form 2290 (HVUT)

The month of July and August are very important for folks in Trucking, July every year marks the beginning of a new Tax Year for HVUT Tax Form 2290. Any Truck that has a Gross Weight of 55,000 pounds and above has to have a Tax form 2290 filed for it every year in month of July or Latest by the end of August.

Unlike last year when the filing of Tax form 2290 got delayed till November, this year the filing dates for Tax form 2290 (HVUT) has been restored to its Traditional filing dates. As always is ready to accept returns for the New Tax Year 2012 – 2013.

So Avoid the last minute rush or don’t sit idle expecting the IRS to mail a Tax form 2290 to you because the IRS will not be mailing across the forms anymore. Act fast get ahead of the crowd log on to, IRS Certified E-file provider and Complete your filing ofForm 2290 ASAP. is now ready to accept Tax Returns for the Tax Year 2012 – 2013.File your Tax Return Electronically Only with and keep rolling. Great news is that the customer service team will be available even on weekends to answer your queries. Call us @ 1-866-245-3918 or write to us –