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What to Do When Your Truck Gets Pulled Over

Most of the drivers get nervous when they see the flashing lights of a police car on their rear view mirror. Of course, who would like to get pulled over when we are rushing towards our destiny? You like it or not it’s mandatory to show the officer that you are cooperating. The next second those lights come on, make sure that you are being observed and the way you react will decide whether you are going to end up in a problem or not. Continue reading

Truck Rims For Better Rolling on Road

Trucks are used as a business medium, processing and moving along with the technology, hauling from simple merchandise like perishable goods to imperishable goods varying from small to big companies. Your truck performance is also taken under consideration here. Maintaining your truck like a brand new one is difficult but taking care of the requirements is a must-do scenario. This includes, truck rims.

Wheels and rims work hand in hand to ensure the truck keeps a grip on the road, avoiding accidents on extremely bad weather conditions.

However, if you are wondering what are truck rims, keep reading to know more.  Continue reading

It’s High Time To File Your Form 2290 (HVUT)

The month of July and August are very important for folks in Trucking, July every year marks the beginning of a new Tax Year for HVUT Tax Form 2290. Any Truck that has a Gross Weight of 55,000 pounds and above has to have a Tax form 2290 filed for it every year in month of July or Latest by the end of August. Continue reading

Form 2290 is due November 30th, 2010 if used first in October 2010.

Tax2290.com – Reminder, Heavy Vehicle Tax (IRS Form 2290) is due November 30th, 2010 if first used in October.

Have you used your vehicle first time in October since July 1st?
If YES, then you need to file form 2290 by end of this month and get your Schedule 1 copy instantly at www.Tax2290.com Continue reading