It’s important to use the correct “Name Control” while e-filing Form 2290, which is due on August 31 for TY2021-2022 renewal.

Though Name Control is a formal concept and one of the most commonly used terms when completing Form 2290. It always raises a concern when it comes to a tax return being rejected. The IRS creates the Name Control and this is a unique code made up of alphanumeric characters which is usually the first or last four characters from the Personal or Business name used when you apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) using Form SS-4. The IRS then in turn uses this code to authenticate information provided on tax returns.

What should I do if my return was Rejected for Name Control?

Rejections are common and actually quite easy to correct. Though the term “Name Control” might be Alien for first-time filers, this concept can also be explained in a much easier and understandable way.

There are namely just three possible reasons for a Name Control Rejection:

  • If the Business name entered does not match with your EIN according to the IRS records.
  • And if you are using a New EIN, as the IRS takes 15 business days (excluding weekends and federal holidays) to record your EIN application.
  • You cannot use a Social Security Number (SSN) for returns submitted electronically.

How do I find my Name Control Code?

This unique code can easily be identified using the exact name provided on your EIN application. For more insight with detailed information along with examples can be found on the IRS website

With that being said and with the yearly deadline just over the horizon, we would like to keep you reminded to have the HVUT Form 2290 completed for the current year 2021-2022 before the August 31st deadline. So log onto / – Products of ThinkTrade Inc to have Form 2290 completed at the earliest. Do take note that failure to complete before the deadline will result in penalties for late filing with Interest.

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