It’s the Final Day, Form 2290 Annual Renewal for 2019-20 is Due TODAY, September 3. E-file Now!!!

The time has come and the Grace period is over, for the last few months you have been constantly reminded of the deadline to file your form 2290 for tax year 2019-20, however to the best known reason to some, they are still yet to file their form 2290 for tax year 2019-20. The IRS also extended the deadline to file by 3 days due to the fact that the August 31st falls on Saturday and Monday Sept 2nd is a federal holiday that gives you another one more day (Today) to file your 2290 for 2019-20. Any filing done after the deadline (TODAY) might incur a penalty for late filing and also incur a monthly interest on the total tax dues.

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Things to know about IRS Form 2290:

  • The Deadline to file IRS form 2290 for the tax period July 2019 through June 30th 2020 Is 3rd September 2019
  • E-filing is mandatory for reporting 25 or more Vehicles
  • This is an annual filing.
  • Regardless of when your tag and vehicle registrations expires, Your Form 2290 for all your trucks expires by June 30th of every year.
  • You can also claim a refund on your form 2290. brings all of this to you with our state of the Art website and you are guaranteed of on-time delivery of the stamped Schedule 1 copy.

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