Laws Framed for Semi Trucks

Are you driving semi trucks on highway? Well, then you would be aware about these laws framed in order to eliminate the danger involved, leading to serious injurious and death. The size of trucks are huge and carry heavy material for delivery, and this has made the transportation officials to take step, checking and generalizing the load weight, miles to travel and travel time. Also, carrying overweight on a semi truck and leading to spillage of goods and destroying the nature should be highly eliminated.

Maintenance of Log Books:

Semi drivers are required to carry and maintain transcripts of all their activities in a special log book. This log book contains detail like where the cargo was picked up, its delivery date and the location for dropping the goods. Also, the trucker needs to have an accurate record of the hours he has been behind the wheels. With this log sheet implementation, it provides the authority with certain information, which will help them in framing laws for truckers accordingly.

Hours Dedicated For Driving:

Truck drivers are dictated with maximum number of hours of driving in certain period of time. After 10 hour break where truckers are not driving, he/she can drive for not more than 11 hours before taking another break. However, if the truck driver hits 60 hours in 7 days or 70 hours in 8 days, then he/ she are driving over the legal driving limits. So truckers, get your driving hours correct or you will be questioned for driving more than the limited hours.

Regulations of Weight:

Semi trucks have mandatory regulated the amount of weight they need to carry, depending on the factors like number of axles on the truck, the width of the tires and the size of the trailer. Typical full semi trailer operates with no less than 80,000 pounds and the weight can be reduced based on the limiting factor such as, the roads semi is driven on or the climatic conditions or even the hours of driving. However, these trucks do get overweight permits as well, but implied in few cases.

Importance of CDL:

CDL stands for commercial driver’s license. Every truck driver must take up a series of test to acquire a CDL license. Not all truck drivers can drive a semi as a special endorsement (extra licensing for specialized vehicles) is required. However, law may differ from state to state on the requirements for a CDL, but all drivers across the nation is required to pass a drug screen, along with DOT physical, verifying that drivers are physically fit and are enough to be behind the wheels, handling a large piece of equipment.

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Do take good care of yourself and drive safe. Laws are framed to be followed, for your good and safety.


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