Is Acquiring Single & Multiple Trip Permits A Necessity?

Trucking is not everyone’s cup of tea but if you are through it gives you the experience of a lifetime. Of course, it is not always the hardships that the profession brings in but gives you the advantage of exploring nature’s beauty. There are the highways of America offering excellent scenic beauty and grandeur. So, if you thought your profession is laden with difficulties then think over it again. However, nothing comes so easily and you need to fulfill the essential requirements like applying for a permit to move around the different states with ease. To make your journey smooth and move around the different states with ease, here is a blog on single and multiple trip permits.

The rules for acquiring trip permits differ from one state to another but here we would be mentioning the trip permits offered by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. Read below for additional information on single and multiple trip permits.

If you own a truck in Wisconsin and wanting to deliver goods within the state, then you are liable to apply for single trip permits. Similar to paying taxes, having the right permit is important too and it is possible to file the application for acquiring permits online. Moreover, like e filing your truck tax saves time, filing a permit application online can be beneficial too. With single trip permits you have follow the specified route also besides, allowing free return trip if requested with actual permit application. In addition, the user of single trip permit can request for additional 5 days either online or through other sources. This permit is given for ‘miscellaneous non-divisible oversize/overweight loads’ such as transformer, AC, boat, etc. There are single trip permits applied for single trip sealed container and the conditions applicable for this are:

  • This permit applies to sealed loads i.e. goods transported in sealed containers
  • The load weight should be 80,001 – 90,000 lbs
  • The vehicle should be in combination with at least 6 axles

It is advisable to gather important information when applying for single trip permit.

Like several truck owners and operators if your vehicles operate beyond the state jurisdiction then you are required to apply for multiple trip permits. Valid from three to twelve months these multiple trip permits allows vehicle movement in almost all roadways and the hauler holds the responsibility for mapping the route.

Akin to the permit given for single trip permits for sealed load is the same for multiple trip permits too. However, the only difference is that the permit is valid for almost all interstate highways. This permit is valid for the transportation of agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables, livestock, grain, etc.

Certain scenarios are unavoidable and getting them at the right time can make your journey smooth. Filing taxes and applying for trip permits are one of the prime examples. If you have to file your truck tax in some time, then make, as your filing partner. For any queries or suggestions, email us at or call us at 1-866-245-3918

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