What Are Bobtail Trucks?

Truckers, welcome back. If you were following our blog, then you would know for a period of time, truck, semi trucks and their trailers was our topic of discussion. Today we’re up with something new, something different for a change- Bobtail trucks.

These trucks are designed as semi trucks, without any trailer attached. They are generally known for transporting cargo’s.

Goods To Carry:

A bobtail trucks can carry any load like every other powerful engines hauls. From bulk liquids, pressurized gas, vehicles, valuables, to livestock, logs etc. However, truckers got their freedom in choosing the items they wish to haul. Talking about refrigerated bobtail trucks, they are specifically designed to maintain cargo at a cool temperature, which includes food and other perishable items.

Task For The Day:

Trucking with bobtail trucks is difficult as it requires driving through narrow mountain roads for logging and construction jobs. It becomes life threatening and risky under certain conditions. On the other hand, tow truckers are active all day and night, hanging around the call. You never know when they need to be towed from an accident scene or put out the truck driver from a ditch. This would be one reason for bobtail trailers to refuse in indulging certain jobs and cargo.

Responsibilities a Driver Holds’:

Drivers for these heavy duty vehicles are required to have a separate truck driver’s license in order to get behind the wheels of a bobtail trucks. Addition to the license, operating and maintaining the truck is another task to handle. This includes loading and unloading, maintaining a log book with trip details, navigating hazardous roads via GPS and performing weight calculations.

Every trucker, truck driver is responsible for the load they carry and also for their own lives. So make sure you live a safe and happening life even on the road. With bobtail trucks, trucking is surely difficult but successfully pave a stronger road, shaping your passion.

These bobtail trucks weight around 26,000 pounds and do not cross the taxable gross weight. Hence, they don’t really require filing form 2290. On a final note, truckers do take good care of yourself, sleep well and eat healthy. You’re run the nation on your wheels.

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