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What Are Bobtail Trucks?

Truckers, welcome back. If you were following our blog, then you would know for a period of time, truck, semi trucks and their trailers was our topic of discussion. Today we’re up with something new, something different for a change- Bobtail trucks.

These trucks are designed as semi trucks, without any trailer attached. They are generally known for transporting cargo’s. Continue reading

IRS Form 2290, e-file heavy truck tax through www.Tax2290.com

IRS Tax Form 2290 is used to report Highway Heavy Vehicle Use Tax. A vehicle which weight 55,000 lbs or more are termed as Heavy Vehicle. It can either be a Commercial Vehicle, Agriculture Vehicle or Logging Vehicle. A vehicle estimated to travel a mileage of more than 5000 miles [7500 miles for Agriculture Vehicle] has to report Form 2290 taxes to IRS. NowIRS Form 2290 can be reported electronically by using a computer at work/home, no need to look for a CPA / Accountant to file your simple tax returns. Continue reading