Natural Gas Trucks – A New Trend in the Trucking Industry

The increase in fuel prices has encouraged more and more trucking companies to switch to natural gas trucks. The fleet industry has witnessed a growth in the number of vehicle owners investing in natural gas vehicles. Not only has this helped them save money but go environment-friendly too. These days, cars and trucks running on natural gas have made up a significant portion in the U.S in recent times.

According to a report published by the Energy Department, “natural gas has better economic advantages compared to gasoline and diesel”. For a better understanding, trucks powered by natural gas are likely to save up to $1.50, considering the current diesel prices. Besides, the low maintenance costs that these vehicles require add to the savings list. Moreover, being less corrosive it adds life and performance to the vehicle. However, the only aspect that lets other fuel vehicles over the natural gas vehicles in the price. Starting from Argentina, to Italy, Germany, and America, choosing natural gas over other fuels has become popular worldwide. The pointers discussed below provide a brief overview of the benefits offered to trucking companies choosing natural gas vehicles.

  • In today’s time, when everyone is becoming environmental friendly investing in natural gas vehicles is smart decision. Recent studies have shown that these vehicles produce fewer carbon emissions. Additionally, this liquefied natural gas is sealed; therefore hardly produce any evaporative emissions.
  •  Natural gas trucks might be costlier than diesel or gasoline fuels but have better life and performance when compared to the former. In addition, trucks driven by natural gas make less energy consumption. Therefore, natural gas should be the choice for heavy duty vehicles, as this makes them more fuel efficient. Your vehicle’s performance lies in your hands so make the right choice.
  •  Safety is another reason why trucking companies should consider this option when investing in trucks. As it is lighter than air, it dissipates during accidents, which makes it safer than gasoline and diesel.

One of the leading companies in America, Waste Management Inc. had plans to buy trucks powered by natural gas. These vehicles are expensive than the conventional fuel trucks but will save them money in the long run. Eric Woods, head of fleet logistics, Waste Management said, “By 2017, the company expects to burn more natural gas than diesel.” Additionally, the response from various trucking companies for their interest in using natural gas trucks has been overwhelming.

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