An Approach Towards OTR Trucking

OTR trucking, is more than a job. It is a lifestyle for you truckers with a perfect blend of traveling around the country, living in your small cab like room, and never knowing where the next load might take you becomes your life. While the other side of trucking consists of picking freight up in one place and deliver it to another, mainly crossing several states, unknown roads.

Usually, these trucks weigh at least 26,001 pounds and moving through the regular route, whereas, some are expected to move through irregular route carrier around United States, Canada or even Mexico. Few companies work with their own OTR truck drivers and include a new trucking division for transporting their goods from one location to another, while the smaller companies get in contact with contract deliveries with other trucking companies, providing OTR drivers.

Let’s get in detail about OTR Trucking and their insights-

Functionality of OTR trucking:

Almost every goods you name are sold on a truck at some point, ensuring all the goods are available to the consumer at the time of requirement. Of course, trains, planes and ships do transport goods but they don’t get the flexibility what a truck enjoys. A train, plane or ship can only deliver products till their destination. For example an Airplane, it will be able to deliver goods till the airport but a truck can deliver to their exact inner-city location or rural facility without depending on another truck for a pick-up or final delivery.

Different Types:

These OTR trucking companies are indulged in different equipment types. This includes dry vans with the specifications of 102 inches wide, 13.5 feet high and 53 feet long. These trailers transport materials which need to be protected well but do not need a certain temperature. And so with flatbed trailers, large products are transported, which are more easily loaded and unloaded from the side of the trailer such as lumber.

Next comes in is, Refrigerated carriers. They use reefer trailers to transport goods which need controlled temperature and so tank trailers deliver liquid material like gasoline.

Training Requirements:

For OTR hauling, it is mandatory to hold a Class A driver’s license, displaying that you as a driver are well aware of the laws and regulations that the job demands, restrictions and regulations followed in the trucking industry. Usually, trucking companies hire fresher’s directly out of training to team up with experienced truckers to learn and gain exposure to know what the job deals with.

Will You Fit In This Job Perfectly?

Yeah, OTR trucking is a difficult career option, surviving days and week away from home, long hours of driving and solitude can make you feel lonely and frustrated, affecting your family as well. However, traffic problems and weather hazards can also add up your stress levels, welcoming health problems. Lack of time to exercise and poor eating habits can be one of the contribution for your poor health.


As coin has its own two sides, OTR trucking has got its pros and cons. The advantage here with OTR is that you as a trucker get job security and availability. According to U.S. Department of Labor, Job opportunities seem to be more favorable for OTR drivers in the coming future. For security purpose, many companies offer insurance to the drivers and some offer retirement plans.

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