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Happy Thanksgiving from Tax2290 to all the truckers and OTR drivers

“We are thankful for you”

This Thanksgiving we’re grateful for each and every truckers and OTR drivers out there who are away from home on the highway on a solitary journey to deliver our thanksgiving food to our table and store shelves.

Holidays are just another working day for the truckers and the OTR driver, this makes it difficult for them to spend some quality time with the family to celebrate holidays and other important family events such as the anniversaries, birthdays, child’s first milestones and many more, which other families happily celebrate together.

So we here at Tax2290 take this opportunity to wish all you drivers and everyone from the trucking industry a great Thanksgiving, with some awesome family time. The next morning, we will be thanking you again for all our favorite gadgets and great products that we can buy on the Black Friday sales, just because you haul them all.

www.Tax2290.com / www.TaxExcise.com will always be at your service for all your Form 2290 needs so that you can keep on trucking because we would be nothing without you trucking!

Feel free to reach our Tax Experts for assistance on your next Form 2290 e-filing that is due December 2, 2019, for vehicles first used on a public highway in October 2019, @ 1-866-245-3918 or support@taxexcise.com or Live Chat option, available on the website.

Have a HAPPY & SAFE THANKSGIVING and Keep On Trucking!

An Approach Towards OTR Trucking

OTR trucking, is more than a job. It is a lifestyle for you truckers with a perfect blend of traveling around the country, living in your small cab like room, and never knowing where the next load might take you becomes your life. While the other side of trucking consists of picking freight up in one place and deliver it to another, mainly crossing several states, unknown roads.

Usually, these trucks weigh at least 26,001 pounds and moving through the regular route, whereas, some are expected to move through irregular route carrier around United States, Canada or even Mexico. Few companies work with their own OTR truck drivers and include a new trucking division for transporting their goods from one location to another, while the smaller companies get in contact with contract deliveries with other trucking companies, providing OTR drivers.

Let’s get in detail about OTR Trucking and their insights- Continue reading