Save Time with Electronic On-Board Recorders

You have installed the latest GPS device for your ride, bought the latest Smartphone, and upgraded your truck in the best way possible. The trucking industry has witnessed numerous advancements and you have adopted them well, as they have come. Whether it is the new HOS rules or other requirements, trends change with the change of time. With the various requirements, installing ‘electronic on-board recorder’ is one among them and saves time too. In this article, we shall discuss more about this device along with the benefits it offers.

Electronic On-Board Recorder – What and Why?

This is an equipment mostly installed in commercial motor vehicles  like trucks to record the amount of time the vehicle is driven. Additionally, The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has made it a rule to install this device on vehicles to help them monitor the number of hours the truckers are working and prevent drivers from working additional hours. Moreover, driver’s fatigue becoming a common problem placing this equipment can make things better. Besides, in 2011, the FMCSA also released a proposal stating the compulsory use of the device by drivers to know if one is driving in compliance with the regulations set by the FMCSA. With this, truckers no longer have to maintain log books for adding the details, also preventing them from exceeding the ‘HOS’ limits.

Electronic On-Board Recorder – Benefits:

  • Unlike previously, when truck drivers had to maintain the hours of work manually is not the same with an electronic on-board recorder. The device records the amount of time traveled by the vehicle and if the drivers takes rest when not driving, which makes it easy for Federal and State inspectors to monitor the number of hours the vehicle has been driven. 
  • Most of the accidents in the U.S happen due to driver’s fatigue and the reason being is for driving additional hours. Placing this device can help prevent the cause and reduce accidents. The fear of being penalized can encourage truckers take rest at times and avoid continuous driving. 
  • Many truckers drivers believe that installing the device would add to their expenses but it is not so. Additionally, the device requiring less maintenance and can stay with them from ten to fifteen years. Using this device saves time too, as truck drivers do not have to enter the information about each hour they travel, thus adding to their productivity too. 
  • The use of an electronic on-board recorder can help truck drivers encourage fuel consumption. This is because, when driving they keep in mind the HOS rules, thus drive in an efficient way. Additionally, it helps carrier operators monitor the performance of truck drivers along with other essential aspects.

To install EOBR or Electronic On-Board Recorder is a strong initiative by the FMCSA, replacing the traditional paper log books. Adapting the latest technology is surely one of the best ways to gain productivity. Like electronic on-board recorders, e-file is replacement of the traditional paper file, as well as beneficial in various ways. To file your truck tax the easy way, log on today!

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