Truck Driving Themed Hollywood Movies

We have not only witnessed big rigs on the highway, but also on big screens. Now, they on television too! Of course, to say they’re doing a good job. However, many misconceptions about trucking do exist, American cinema has taken attempts to capture the spirits of these individuals through action sequences, adventurous hauls, and romance behind the wheels and show the real through reels.

This list is about the truckers on big screen, genres of all kind. This is absolute not-the-list, we hope and wish new trucking movies keep coming in from the Hollywood world fitting in various personalities.

1. They Drive by Night: (1940)

This classic piece of Noir films, starring Humphrey Bogart and George Raft as the Fabrini brothers, a truck driving team are struggling enough to make it up during the Great Depression. This is one of the first films, based on trucking as a profession and Bogie and Raft, albeit with great theatrics, throwing light on the trouble faced by truckers as a whole, while being behind the wheels. With the bold and brassy Ann Sheridan as a truck stop’s girl who doesn’t hold back and the conniving and cunning Ida Lupino playing a role of a murderous vixen, leading into another love triangle, welcoming bad thing. If you enjoy watching movies, then this is one movie rating top in your list.

The movie trailer says,” The high-geared saga of reckless men who find romance by the side of the road,” and with no doubt, Bogie and Raft has served the audience with a wild ride on their big rigs.

2. White Line Fever: (1975)

Do you remember Jan Michael-Vincent was actually a normal actor not the freaking show he has turned up? He’s the star of the mid-seventies drama, playing Carroll Jo Hummer, the trucker whipped with honesty, hard working and finally had enough of the system. Hummer’s loyalties lies with his wife and his all-the-while loving rig named “The Blue Mule”. When he got too bogged by his cheating and scheming boss, role played by the iconic Slim Pickens- he takes out his anger across U.S.A. In the end, Hummer’s Blue Mule has an amazing show stopper at the end.

3. Breaker! Breaker! (1977)

Filled with action sequences within the slice of truck driving drama, the title alone is the homage to the rise of C.B. fad, focusing on the important forms of communication on the road at that time.
Chuck Norris, a former karate champion and current Alaskan trucker, returning from a Texan vacation only to find his brother has met with a grave injustice. Again, the Smokey comes into form, with timely corrupt cops facing the wrath and reemergence of martial arts as a revenge. Perhaps, this is one such role fueled Norris to become a powerhouse of today’s Hollywood trend.

4. Smokey and the Bandit: (1977)

Although this movie has focused more on muscle cars and police cruiser scene than anything else, it’s really hard to not think about Smokey and the Bandit while discussing about Truck Driving genre. Burt Reynolds, a hunky legendary trucker, reluctantly pulled out of retirement to show his nemesis and Smokey, also known to common folk as police. Aptly performed the role of a runaway bride by Sally Field, the fun romp starts up with east coast party.

The bandit is indeed not driving big rigs; there are some real sweet scenes in his 1977 black Pontiac Trans Am that can’t be denied.

We all may not have experienced the real trucking, but we do believe that it the movies mentioned owns the power of adventure, passion and dedication, rotating around a plot and script to deliver like what audience are expecting. With many trucking themed movies up there in the list, our Tax Expert believes in breaking into separate blogs for easy indulging and reading.

So here comes another reading to hang around the blog and maintain the continuity.

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