Smog Rules Followed In California

Hello truckers, welcome back. Hope your New Year blast turned out awesome as assumed. We know how exhausting it is to get back to work after long weekend celebrations. However, we have left with no option and thus, we’re sharing a post on Diesel Smog Rules followed in California. So California residents gear up and take up the resolution to cut off the pollution in your city.

However, California State Air Resource Board admits that they’re experiencing the most polluted air in the nation. Therefore, this is counted as the main reason for the Golden State to have some of the America’s strictest smog regulations, making a mandatory rule for every driver to get a biennial smog test check and imposing tough regulations on big-rig owners. Nevertheless, there are some exceptions for diesel owners and there are some exceptions to which diesel owners should be aware.

 Who Is Required To Get A Smog Check Done?

According to California Law, not every vehicle running on the highway needs to get a smog check. However, diesel vehicles which are manufactured prior to 1988 or with the gross vehicle weight (GVW) of more than 14,000 pounds are exempted from biennial Smog test.

Also, if the vehicle is six or fewer model year older, they don’t need to go with smog check as the state will tack on a smog abatement fee to your annual registration. This biennial smog check is applicable to only certain counties in California and you need to make a note if you fall in the category.

What If You Fail The Smog Check?

In the year 2009, January 1st, a law was passed indicating that limits your ability to get an extension on your vehicle’s registration renewal if you tend to fail in the smog test. However, you’re allowed to get a temporary operating permit. And, if you belong to the group and your registration is due, you need to make a payment as registration fee plus $50 for one 60-day temporary operating permit.

Diesel Trucks and Big Rigs:

As read before, vehicles with GVW of more than 14,000 pounds are not subject to the biennial smog check but according to the environmental protection group ForceChage, they are still required to travel under the toughest standards in the nation.  

In December 2008, California Air Resources board passed strict rules to clean-up big-rig pollution, which was the first step to clear the pollution. However, in January 1, 2011, there was a new rule announced for truck owners. They were advised to install diesel exhaust filters in the rigs.

California has taken its own steps to make its city clean and clear than before, so its our duty to join hands and pass the smog test, in order to make the city smog-free.

Other than, it is important to file your truck tax HVUT online at to drive safe on the roads, with all proper documents in hand. We have taken a New Year resolution to keep our city clean, are you joining us? Let us know.

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