Serve The Nation With Class B CDL License Truckers

Truckers, greetings from Tax2290! It is really nice to welcome you every week with a new, unique blog post, simply to update your knowledge about trucking. This is one the place where knowledge is transferred in the most authentic way, making sure it is easily conveyed. We all know that there are 3 main classes of CDLs, which includes Class A, Class B and Class C. These classes determine what kind of vehicles can be operated by the person who is holding a license.

The most common class among the three is class B CDL as the drivers get a chance to enjoy a broad number of vehicles among the lot. This is an added advantage for drivers to choose among the classes.

However, there are few exceptions that you need to bear in mind before you go opt for Class B CDL.

Weight Limits:

Drivers holding Class B CDL are permitted to take up vehicles that weigh more than 26,001 pounds GVWR. GVWR or the gross vehicle weight rating is the vehicle total weight with the cargo on board. Being behind these big rigs is a very risky thing for the drivers and they’re advised to drive safe, and go for a regular check up to ensure good health of the vehicle.

Boundaries Drawn When It Comes To Towing:

Drivers owning Class B CDL license are permitted to tow other vehicles, not exceeding more than 10,000 pounds as their gross weight. However, this rule is mandatory even for the tow trucks that carry private passenger automobiles.

Commercial and Non-Commercial Vehicles:

Commercial vehicle drivers holding Class B CDLs can drive buses, tow trucks, dump trucks, cement mixers, utility vehicles and garbage truck as they don’t require a Class A license. Also, drivers can try a hand with non-commercial vehicles such as car with attached trailers and private passenger automobiles. This also includes motor homes and passenger vans.

This is surely an added advantage for commercial drivers.


Owner of Class B CDL are allowed to operate commercial vehicles, automobiles but they’re not authorized to operate motorcycles.


Driver with CDL licenses have the option of taking up additional examinations to understand the list of vehicles they can operate under the license they hold. And these driving privilege are called as “Endorsements” and are typically informed through a corresponding letter. For instance, drivers who obtain “T” endorsement can go ahead and attach double or triple trailers to their main vehicle.

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