Understanding the Hazards of the Trucking Industry

The Department of Transportation usually follows the jurisdiction prepared by the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) for the trucking industry especially when using the public roads. The jurisdiction created by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is applicable on vehicle operating within the workplace and not on the public roads. Additionally, the jurisdiction is applicable on the various intrastate trucking such as logging, agriculture, and sand haulers. The OSHA has right to apply rules on the transportation of hazardous materials travelling whether interstate or intrastate.

The Rules of Driving on the Highway:

The Department of Transportation supervises the creation of the national transportation policy and encourages intermodal trucking too. The various agencies helping the US DOT are:

  • ·         Federal Highway Administration
  • ·         Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
  • ·         Federal Aviation Administration
  • ·         Federal Railroad Administration
  • ·         Maritime Administration
  • ·         US Coast Guard

The pointers discussed below provide an overview of the references involved with highway driving:

  • ·         Analyzing and Providing Information Online:

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has formulated an online database having detailed information about the crashes, compliance reviews, traffic information, and much more.

  • ·         Corrective Measures to Prevent Accidents on the Highways:

The Department of Health and Human Services along with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health identifies the problems faced by highway workers also suggesting ways to prevent them. Moreover, a checklist on the preventive measures has been prepared to help the entities choose the appropriate one.

  • ·         Safety Measures:

The FMCSA has taken several measures to ensure that road accidents happen at a lower rate. The effective measures undertaken by the FMCSA are as follows:

  • §  A pilot test conducted to reduce fatigue in heavy vehicle drivers.
  • §  Designed a database having information on highway crashes. In addition, this provides detailed information on ‘Traffic Safety Fact Reports’ having separated categories such as trucks and school buses. 
  • ·         Stress Experienced by Women Truckers:

According to a report presented by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, truck drivers face the most number of accidents compared to others. Moreover, women truckers top the list and mostly because of the stress they experience when behind the wheels.

  • ·         Sharing the Road with Truckers:

The FMCSA conducts several programs to educate vehicle drivers about sharing the road with truck drivers.

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