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The winter has already dropped in, the snowflakes have covered the roof our houses and yet, the truckers are behind the wheels making deliveries. Sometime, we think, can anyone ever come up the standard of dedication that truckers share for the nation? Well, no. there is no one yet born to share the same or even cover quarter of it. And that is the reason, we’re extremely proud to serve you, share a thought and give out everything possible.

After the grand celebration of Christmas and New Year, today we’re here to remind you, as always, to make sure you filed your form 2290 HVUT without penalties dominating the half.

Well, do you know why you pay your duties through taxes for your nation?

Ah, it’s simple. It is because you drive all day, get increments for all you do and at the end of the day, you honor the road you have been through all day, handling your ups and downs of life. As a matter-of-fact, truckers are healthy, poised and the most enthusiastic people behind the wheels sustaining in their profession even if they don’t get much time to spend with their families.

Another fact that tags along while we talk about truckers is that, they’re punctual with what they do, let be making deliveries or filing taxes. Of course, there are times when you know the date simply slips out of your mind or you’re too busy to run around IRS office to simply submit your documents to file form 2290. That is the time when comes to your rescue.

When we initially launched ourselves as prime product of ThinkTrade Inc., we never thought we would get such overwhelmed response from your end and the best, never believed that we’re ranked fair by the audience we target. Well, all this never came along so easily to us as it took almost 12 years of hard work and dedication our team showed each day, without a call of hesitation or backing out.

And today, we’re more than happy to serve you and have you as a part of our tax family.

Well, if you have driven your rig for the first time on road in December 2013 and then 31stJanuary 2014 would be the last day to file your HVUT form 2290 online. However, go through the list mentioned below for your better understanding:

 If the vehicle is first used during …

Then, file Form 2290 and make your  payment by…

 December 31, 2013  January 31, 2014
 January, 2014  February 28, 2014
 February, 2014  March 31, 2014
 March, 2014  April 30, 2014
 April, 2014  May 31, 2014
 May, 2014  June 30, 2014
 June, 2014  July 31, 2014
 July, 2013  August 31, 2013
 August, 2013  September 30, 2013
 September 30, 2013  October 31, 2013
 October, 2013  November 30, 2013

This tradition of paying taxes to the nation started decades ago and paper filing was the only method followed. As the technology paved way to better approaches, E-filing came into existence and we proudly announce we belong there!

On a finishing note, we only like to invite you to our website,, which is perfectly mended with user friendliness and apt for people like you, who’re are better off with the easier way. Also, we have full service option for truckers who do not share a good rapport with computers, and our tax experts would not mind taking up the role on your behalf. All you need to do is, send across the details in an excel sheet format and you would receive your schedule-1 copy confirmation through SMS Alert or your copy itself through fax.

Anything else you need our assistance; you can feel free to call us @ 1-866-245-3918 or send a mail to

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