Stay a Step Ahead and Prevent Underride Accidents

We tend to realize the severity of a situation after the worst has happened. Many families have been affected due to underride collisions that cause wrongful death to the victims.

What causes underride collisions? This happens when a vehicle gets crushed under a truck or trailer causing huge injuries to the occupant. It is true that underride bumpers can lessen underride collisions but there are other precautions that can help prevent this. The rear guards on the trucks and trailers came into being during the 1950’s but have proved to be dangerous over the years. This is because; rear guards are too high and weak to prevent accidents. Although, the NHTSA announced the use of safer guards but many trucks are still to implement the same. Read on to know more.

Reasons Causing Underride Accidents:

  • Careless Driving & Improper Training:

It is always advisable to drive with complete attention keeping in mind the safety rules. Moreover, with truck drivers not following the rules, the results can be disturbing. Therefore, truck drivers should attend a certified driving school and stay aware of the road rules and regulations. Besides, avoiding over-speeding and tailgating.

  • Feeling Fatigue:

A robust health can be maintained by eating healthy food and taking ample rest. When driving through odd hours of the night with less time to take rest they should drink plenty of water, eat fruits, and sleep peacefully without getting disturbed. Feeling tired and fatigue can be one of the reasons causing underride accidents.

  • Distracted Driving:

There are several awareness programs conducted in the U.S to prevent distracted driving because of the increase number of accidents caused due to distracted driving. Talking over the phone, sending text messages, etc. cause distraction and lead to dangerous consequences.

  • Poorly Maintained Vehicles:

From increasing the fuel mileage to regular maintenance, truck drivers should maintain them all. It is necessary to check the brakes, tires, etc. to prevent any mishaps while driving. To keep the country safe from underride accidents, truck drivers should ensure keeping their vehicles properly maintained.

  • Drive in Poor Weather Conditions:

Truck drivers need to keep it slow and steady during the night especially when the weather conditions are not right. Installing GPS devices can help truck drivers get instant alerts and stay away from distractions.

Following the above-mentioned pointers can help reduce accidents and make truckers feel proud of being responsible. Pay taxes on time and follow the road rules, because it counts. Reach us @ 1-866-245-3918 and help us serve you better. is your tax e-filling solution.